My Bio

A little about how I got started. I walked into a hobby shop in Calif. while in the service and went by a section cutting rocks, asked what they were doing and was told lapidary. Now I had never even heard about this hobby and told her that I could never do that. She handed me a stone on a stiick and give it a try. I was hooked, over the last 50+ years have just asked questions of jewelers & they asked me about gems. Worked out great for me as I am self taught in most everything I have done. I have had no schooling of any kind in the jewelry field, from gem cutting and gem carving to silver work, casting, wax carving, gem carving, making rubber molds. Gem cutting is my main line with a little of the other work to be able to mount my unusual shaped gems.                     Thank you for looking at my bio.                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Howard