Chain Maille

Working with chains and jump rings to create jewelry.

Free DIY Chainmail Patterns & Downloads
Download free guide to chainmail weaves!
Learn how to make a chainmail bracelet at!
free chainmail pattern
Download this free chain maille tutorial to learn how to make brass jewelry with copper accents.
Free Ebook: Make Chainmail Weaves   How to Make a Chainmail Bracelet   Japanese Chainmail Pattern   Chain Maille Tutorial  
Chain Maille Jewelry Patterns, Supplies & Resources from Interweave Store
chain maille patterns
chain maille necklace pattern
chainmaille patterns
chain maille jewelry patterns
Download: 10 Chain Maille Patterns   Download: Chainmail Necklace Pattern   Book: Chainmaille Jewelry Patterns   Book: Advanced Chain Maille Jewelry Patterns  
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how to make chainmail
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chain maille supplies
diy copper jewelry
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