Alternative Metals

Alternative metals can be any metals other than the three typical "precious" metals (silver, gold, platinum) most commonly used in jewelry and jewelry making. The most common alternative metals used for artisan jewelry are brass, copper, and bronze.

Free Tutorials for Making Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Brass & Copper Jewelry
Learn how to make brass jewelry with this free download!
Learn how to make a copper ring from a pipe at!
how to etch copper jewelry
Download this free tutorial to learn how to make brass jewelry with copper accents.
Free Ebook: How to Make Copper, Aluminum or Brass Jewelry   How to Make a Copper Ring from Piping   Free Ebook: How to Make Copper Etched Jewelry   How to Make Brass Jewelry with Copper Accents  
Alternative Metal Jewelry Supplies & Resources from Interweave Store
Etching copper jewelry DVD
Stainless steel wire for jewelry making
Making Copper Jewelry DVD
DIY copper wire rings tutorial
DVD: Etching Copper Jewelry   Buy: Stainless Steel Wire for Jewelry Making   DVD: Making Copper Jewelry   Download: DIY Copper Wire Rings Tutorial  
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how to make brass jewelry from metal tubing
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diy copper jewelry
How to Make Copper Wire Jewelry   How to Make Brass Jewelry from Metal Tubing   Ideas for Hammering Copper   Soldering Silver to Copper Jewelry  

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