3 Free Spring Jewelry Projects

Who doesn’t love spring? Especially the flowers, a popular go-to motif for jewelry artisans of all types. If they’re a favorite for you, too, you’ll love our tutorial. And if you’re not a fan of flowers, you can still learn a wide variety of techniques in these three free projects and then modify any of them to suit you.
Take your jewelry making techniques to a new inspiring level with jewelry projects inspired by spring colors and nature.
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Instructions to make spring-inspired jewelry
spring season jewelry

What’s inside?

In these three projects, you can learn jewelry making skills and techniques including wirework with beads, adding color to metal with colored pencils, using metal clay, riveting and other cold connections, sawing, creating dimension with metal, and other basic metalsmithing skills.

Spring jewelry projects inspired by spring colors.

How to Make Bead Flower Pins

Wire and Bead Flowers by Linda Jones
Linda’s wired and beaded flower tutorial is a great way to make a pretty statement using any kind or color of wire and beads you like. Plus, you can master her technique and then branch off to create your own flower designs, which will look great as flower brooches/pins as well as beaded floral accents on hats, headbands, shoes, purses, belts, gift boxes, or just hanging in your window!

Learn how to make earrings with this free spring jewelry project.

How to Make Earrings with Metal Clay

Colored Copper and Metal Clay Leaf Earrings by Debra Weld
In addition to metalsmithing and metal clay techniques used to make these nature-inspired earrings, you’ll learn to create color on metal (like the leaf design or any other design, pattern, or motif you like) in an easy process using colored pencils and turpentine. The backs of the earrings are made using metal clay, but you can use metal sheet if you prefer–and the two layers are riveted together with a hidden element between to create depth.

Learn how to make a copper necklace with aluminum in it with this free spring jewelry project.

How to Make an Aluminum and Copper Necklace

Aluminum and Copper Flower Necklace by Helen Driggs
This spring jewelry design is pretty, easy, and affordable, since copper and aluminum are both so user-friendly and inexpensive, and it makes excellent use of wired cold connections. Make and use as many flowers as you want in a pretty necklace like Helen’s, or use just a few as accents on a necklace or bracelet. "The spirals and forged wire that join them together might remind you of tendrils and leaves," Helen says. Flowers, tendrils, and leaves—must be that time of year!

Prepare for the beautiful and fresh season of spring with this FREE spring jewelry collection inspired by spring colors.

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