Free Ring Jewelry Making Guide and Free Projects to Create Your Own Ring

Rings for your fingers, rings for your toes . . . who doesn’t love wearing and making rings? Rings are a favorite piece of jewelry to collect, wear, and make. In the free tutorial, you’ll learn to make three distinct types of rings: wire-wrapped rings, simple stackable bands, and rings set with gemstones in bezels.

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What’s inside?

There are three versatile jewelry-making ring projects and a handy chart for making metal rings, so you’ll have a ring on every finger in no time! Start with a wire-wrapped ring and then move on to making soldered stack rings–and then look out! There’s no telling what you’ll make once you’ve learned to create your own rings!


How to Make a Wire Ring

Ring-a-ding Rings By Martha Umberger


Absolute beginners and pros alike will appreciate Martha’s wire-wrapped ring design. No soldering required! The whole thing is held together by cleverly placed wire twists and turns and takes advantage of wire tension. "I designed this ring to go with a two-toned bracelet I made," Martha said. "Notice how you can finish the ring two different ways–clean and modern, or swirly and romantic. Take your pick, or make one of each to suit your mood!"


How to Make Rings from Solder

Stacking Ring Trio By Lexi Erickson


These three silver band stacked rings are the perfect segue for jewelry makers who are new to soldering and want to make rings. You’ll master the fine points of ring making in this project, including how to cut precisely straight so that your wire ends match up perfectly for soldering, how to complete a simple solder join, how to reshape your ring so it’s round again, and finally how to texture multiple simple bands into a finger full of unique stacked rings.


DIY Ring Stack

Stack Ring Suite By Helen Driggs


The next step in the progression of your jewelry making: ring making with stones set in the rings! This project, like the one above, is a great way to make lots of fun and unique rings to wear stacked or to mix and match with other stackable rings. These rings are more advanced, thanks to the addition of setting stones in bezels as well as the anticlastic forming techniques–but with these rings, you get a pass on exact sizing. "Simple to make, these rings don’t use much metal, allow you to practice tube setting as well as anticlastic raising on a small form," Helen says, "and best of all, they are flexible almost up to the very end as far as sizing."


How to Make Your Own Ring

Perfect Band Rings By Helen Driggs


You can use this handy chart to find the length of sheet metal you need for the metal gauge you’re using to make custom rings and to achieve the exact ring size you want. Simply find the ring size in one column and then follow that row until to the gauge of metal you’re using to make a band ring. That will tell you how long to cut your metal band. Voila! Perfectly fitting rings are just a few more steps away. You’ll also learn the five basic steps for making a band ring.

This download is essential to any jewelry maker.

Whether you create your own ring or are making custom ring designs for others, you’ll find the instructions in each of these three projects that will help you get the size right.