5 Free Polymer Clay Jewelry Tutorials

Making jewelry with versatile polymer clay opens up a world of creative possibilities using common tools and household equipment. With little more than a sharp knife, some sandpaper, a pasta machine, and a toaster oven, you can make a piece that is as bold or as delicate as you like. Polymer clay, a great medium for clay jewelry making, is not actually true clay, but a sculptable material called clay only because of its texture and working properties resembling those of mineral clay. As a jewelry artist, you can create beautifully detailed beads, pendants, and other sculpted shapes for necklaces and earrings from polymer clay.
Add a new technique to your repertoire today with this free tutorial.In this fabulous eBook, you’ll learn how to combine polymer clay with silver from old jewelry you’re ready to take apart and give new life to in a brand-new design. You’ll work fabric, metal, and more into your polymer clay beads, necklaces, and pendants.
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Learn how to make beautiful polymer clay jewelry!
Free polymer clay tutorial for jewelry making

What’s inside?

Inside this instructional eBook, you’ll find projects that will show you how to take advantage of the painterly qualities of polymer clay to make a checkerboard pattern, a jellyroll pattern, and a graduated color blend. You’ll find out how to decorate the surfaces of your polymer clay beads with textures and acrylic paints. Take charge of your own creations and create one-of-a-kind jewelry elements using silver + polymer clay.


Wearable Art: Polymer Clay Pendant

Tuxedo Pin & Pendant by Ilene Goldman

If you enjoy dressing up your outfit with a beautiful pin or a pendant hanging from a simple silver chain, this Tuxedo pin/pendant is just the thing. Wear the pin on the lapel of a jacket or coat to brighten it up. Learn how to accessorize with a piece of art. It is fun and easy with step-by-step instructions in this free eBook.


Polymer Clay Bead Making

Reversible Checkerboard Pendant by Patricia Kimle

This pendant begins with a solid black bead. Carved geometric patterns create many angles which are highlighted by metallic and pearlescent acrylics. Follow Patricia, who has been creating fine crafts and art from polymer clay for over 10 years, in this step-by-step pattern to creating a beautiful and unique pendant.

Learn how to make Fimo jewelry

Fimo Jewelry

Mad for Jellyrolls! By Donna Kato

This project features a balanced “jellyroll” and a coiled roll that resembles a snail. It includes instructions to create a three- and four-part Skinner blend and a way to apply your cane slices that will minimize image distortion. Fimo jewelry is that made with Fimo clay, a brand of polymer clay. Fimo clay is suitable for material for sculpting and polymer clay bead making. Fimo jewelry is durable and waterproof once the clay is hardened and is great for everyday bracelets, earrings, or necklaces. Learn to make your own art polymer clay jewelry with this free Fimo jewelry project and the other projects in this free eBook.


Clay Jewelry Making

Stuffed Necklace by Louise Fischer Cozzi

Do you find yourself drawn to large, statement-making necklaces that have lots of presence but are just too heavy to wear? Many necklaces with large beads are enticing but end up uncomfortably pulling on your neck and can only be worn for short periods of time. This necklace consists of large, hollow-core polymer beads that are strung on lightweight fabric, keeping the beads in place and retaining the shape of the necklace. Practically weightless, this necklace can be worn all day and night with no discomfort. Learn tips for polymer clay bead making from Louise who uses many different design approaches to decorating her beads including different forms of etching and texturing. Polymer clay projects like this one are full of possibilities from the type of fabric you wish to use to the design you create in your beads.


Silver Polymer Clay Jewelry

Polymer Clay Conversion Necklace by Sarajane Helm

Have you gone through your jewelry box, filled with rings, pendants and other items that you like too much to part with but never wear, wondering how to dress up that old pendant without ruining the precious metal? Polymer clay allows you to change the entire look of a pendant or other jewelry element with little effort if it can withstand the temperature needed to bake polymer clay. You can create unique pieces using premade silver elements combined with your own polymer clay creations like the one in this free necklace pattern. Sarajane recommends making sure any gemstones you’re working with are not heat-sensitive before incorporating into your metal polymer clay jewelry.

This polymer clay tutorial is essential to any jewelry maker.

Making polymer clay jewelry involves specific tools and materials as well as basic processes for preparing the clay for jewelry making. If you’re searching for a forgiving, easy to use, versatile, affordable medium to add to your jewelry making repertoire, polymer clay is just the thing! Polymer clay is truly one of the most versatile jewelry-making products in the market. It can be manipulated to resemble gemstones, rocks, wood and other natural elements, glass, and even metal. Polymer clay can be easily molded to become any shape or object you need it to be and can take texture like a dream.