3 Free Pet Jewelry Projects

We refer to them as our furbabies; we buy them clothes and accessories; we share their photos with friends. We humans love our pets! Whether you’re a cat person, a dog person, a bird or fish or hamster person, pets bring a special kind of companionship and magic into our lives. So why shouldn’t we make pet jewelry when we make it for friends and family?
Learn to make pet jewelry, jewelry about your pets, and matching jewelry for you and your pet in our newest free eBook. Plus they’re all new, original pet jewelry for dogs and cat jewelry projects created exclusively for subscribers! Celebrate the love you have for your pet and the joy they bring to your life by making pet jewelry and pet-themed jewelry for people.

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Instructions to make personalized pet jewelry for dogs and other pet jewelry

3 free projects for pet jewelry!

Make Beautiful and Fun Pet Jewelry Pieces with Inspiration from Your Beloved Pet

Take your jewelry making techniques to a new inspiring level with projects sure to show off your love for that special pet in your life. In this FREE eBook, you’ll get three complete step-by-step pet jewelry tutorials for all levels, featuring jewelry making techniques like engraving, metal stamping, riveting and cold connections, wire wrapping, metal fabrication, and more.

Pet jewelry for dogs!

How to Make a Dog Tag for Your Pet

Engraved Pet Portrait Pendant by Taryn McCabe

Show off who is top dog (or top cat!) in your world with an engraved pet portrait! Engraving is easier than you might think using a user-friendly engraving tool and these easy instructions. The rewarding result is a gorgeous likeness of your beloved pet, perfect for wearing as a pendant or brooch–or for turning into an ornament, wall art, or dog-house décor. Bonus: You can use these basic instructions with any photo to make an engraving of an image you like.

Free projects to make jewelry for pets

How to Make a Metal Stamped Pet Collar

Matching Metal Stamped Pet Tag and Human Pendant by Taryn McCabe
Making jewelry for dogs (or cats) is a given, since they have to wear collars all the time. A stylish take on personalized dog tags (or personalized cat tags), this matching necklace and pet tag set will make it clear to your friends (and your pet’s friends alike) that you love each other. Stamp your pet’s pertinent info (name, digits) on a metal stamping blank and use rivets to attach it to their collar; stamp a sentiment about your beloved pet on a matching blank and turn it into a necklace with a couple of jump rings. Voila! Cat or dog jewelry that’s helpful and cute.

Make pendant jewelry for your pets.

How to Make a Pendant

Tangled Cat String Pendant by Andrew Thornton
A ball of yarn or string is an iconic cat toy. Cats love to bat the string with their paws, roll the ball and catch it, and wiggle in the tangles of yarn. Capture your cat’s fun playful times in this tangle "string" pendant embellished with an artisan-made cat charm. You could even substitute some of the wire "string" with real yarn from your cat’s toy or use a yarn-coated wire or wire-core yarn like WoolyWire. Cat-themed jewelry has never been so stylish!

This free jewelry for pets download is essential to any jewelry maker who loves their pets.

You can make a lovely pendant engraved with your pet’s likeness. Or if you want to “match” your pet, you can make a tag for your cat or dog—and use the same form to make a pendant for yourself. Or you can make a pendant reminiscent of a ball of string — just like the one that entertains your pet for hours.