Learn to Make Etched Jewelry: Etching Process and Guide for Copper Etching and Other Metal Etching

Etchings might just be the most versatile way to add texture, pattern, interest, and one-of-a-kind uniqueness to your metal jewelry designs. When etching metal jewelry, you’re not limited to the patterns achieved from a hammer, rolling plates, or the patterned metals you find from jewelry suppliers. You’re not even limited to designs you can replicate from rubber stamps, because when etching metal jewelry, you can draw your own design or use your own photographs. Etchings rely on a truly limitless amount of possible design options for enhancing metal. .

In our free tutorial, you’ll learn how to etch metal from start to finish in a complete metal-etching tutorial by master metalsmith Lexi Erickson. Once you’ve got the basic etching technique down, the sky’s the limit in what you can create and the etched metal designs you can make.

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You’ll learn just how beautiful your etched jewelry designs can be when you download this informative and illustrated tutorial.

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Copper Etching Techniques

Phototransfer Copper Etching By Lexi Erickson


In this complete metal-etching tutorial, Lexi shows how to etch copper, step by step. That same basic etching technique can also be used to etch brass, and here’s a fun etched-metal bonus idea: After you’ve etched your design on brass, you can use that piece as a texture plate in a rolling mill to transfer the image onto copper or sterling silver. It’s a great way to get your unique etched design on silver without risking silver sheet in the process. Simply etch less expensive brass and use that piece to imprint your silver with any design you choose.

Make a stunning etched pendant

Copper Etching Jewelry Project

Southwest Spirit Etched Pendant By Lexi Erickson


Inspired by Southwest American designs in jewelry, pottery, weaving, basketry, and other fine art, and because of her roots in archeology, Lexi often uses ancient patterns and designs on the metal in her jewelry. Etching is a great way to create those patterns, and after you’ve learned to etch metal in her etching tutorial, you’ll see how to use the etched metal components in artisan-quality jewelry like her Southwest Spirit Pendant. "This piece was influenced by a shard of Tularosa Black on White pottery, produced by the Mogollon culture of western New Mexico from about A.D. 1100-1300. The bold black designs on a white background are elegant, symbolic, and timeless" . . . and perfect for this technique.

Project for etched copper earrings

Etched Metal Jewelry Project

Punched Copper Earrings and Pendant By Tom and Kay Benham


This earrings-and-pendant tutorial is a great lesson in how to use etched metal to give your designs that little something extra–but also in how to make the most of your scraps and to see beauty and value in them. You can make this project using your own etched metal designs, purchased etch metal, or any other textured, embossed, or engraved metal plates.

This tutorial is an essential resource for any experienced jewelry maker.

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