Stone Setting

Once you’ve learned how to form and assemble metal to create the jewelry piece you’ve envisioned, the next jewelry making skill you need to master is stone setting techniques How do you add a faceted stone or cabochon gem to your designs? There are many ways to set stones, and each gem and the piece of jewelry it will be mounted in will present a unique fabrication challenge. Discover our multitude of blog resources for mastering the fabrication of a jewelry bezel, discover basic and advanced cabochon settings, and enhance your creations with original faceted gemstone settings. Start with the basics and allow yourself to get away from prongs and the ubiquitous bezel to fully enhance your jewelry designs.

design a jewelry collection by repeating one shape in different sizes and metals

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It’s impossible to look through an issue of Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist magazine without learning something, being inspired by something, and falling in love with something–and usually more than once! My issues of LJJA are dog-eared, sticky-note ruffled resources that never disappoint when I’m looking for a challenge or just something fun and interesting to…


Best of the Best: Tips from Five-Star Rated Jewelry-Making Books

When I shop online, I’m kind of obsessed with the customer reviews. I find them a hugely valuable resource when I’m buying something new–dresses, moisturizer, books, chairs–whatever it is, I love hearing what other people think about it. I feel like it gives me an insight into the product that the business selling it couldn’t…