We define metalsmithing as “creating jewelry through the manipulation of various metals.” Those manipulations or metalsmithing techniques include fabricating metal jewelry by forming and shaping it with hammers, mandrels, and other tools, sawing with a jeweler’s saw or cutting with metal snips, doming with a metal dapping set, forging, fold forming, drilling holes for design elements or for use with cold connections such as rivets and screws, soldering, texturing metal with hammers and other metalsmithing tools, and metal stamping.

Other specialty metalsmithing techniques include chasing and repoussé, etching and engraving, electroforming and electroplating, raising, swaging, reticulation, casting, and creating settings such as bezels. All metalsmithing work should end with proper finishing techniques, such as filing, buffing, polishing, and then perhaps adding patinas with liver of sulfur and/or heat, if desired.

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