Jewelry Tips & Techniques

Jewelry making techniques are the variety of practices implemented in making jewelry. Metalsmithing, metal stamping, wirework and wire wrapping, and beading/stringing, and chainmaille are all jewelry making techniques. Specific techniques that are considered part of metalsmithing include soldering, annealing, hammering, texturing, pickling, fusing, dapping and doming, fold forming, and others. Some more advanced or uncommon jewelry making techniques include chasing and repousse, enameling, etching, and electroforming/electroplating.

leather jewelry making: how to make and embellish leather cuffs

Leather Jewelry Making: 6 Tips for Personalizing and Embellishing Leather Cuffs with Candie Cooper

I can’t think of a jewelry trend that’s hotter right now than leather jewelry making, except maybe bracelets and cuffs. Put them together you have super-trendy but somehow completely timeless–’70s anyone?–leather cuffs. Fortunately, leather jewelry making is fun and easy, inexpensive, and lends itself to so many materials, it’s unlimited in possibilities. You can buy…