Free Guide to Jewelry Making Supplies & Jewelry Findings

Potions and torches, solutions and solders, wire, sheet, beads and gems . . . Oh we love them, don’t we? To jewelry makers, jewelry making supplies are like candy for children. We want more, more, more, and, even if we can’t possibly consume them all at once, we want more for later. And it’s not just beads—beaders are notorious for having enviable stashes of beads and supplies, but metalworkers and other jewelry makers aren’t too different. We have our own ever-growing stashes of wire, metal, hammers, pliers, enamels, and more.


Even if you’re a beginning jewelry maker, you probably have a good stash of supplies already. But there’s always more to learn and new ways to use familiar jewelry making supplies. In our free eBook, you’ll get an illustrated overview of dozens of jewelry making supplies, what they do, and tips from experts on how to use them best.


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Learn more about jewelry making supplies
learn how to use jewelry making supplies in this free ebook.

What’s Inside?

Throughout the jewelry supply guide, you’ll see a photo of a jewelry supply and get info on what each one is and does. But you’ll also see the Pro’s Choice, a selection of jewelry supplies chosen by jewelry and lapidary experts (like Michael David Sturlin, Betty Helen Longhi, John Dyer, Cynthia Eid, and others), and see why they love their choice and how they use it.

jewelry making supplies and tools

Supply Overview and Basics

"Whether you fabricate, cast, cut stone or string beads, you are a consumer of jewelry-making supplies," says Merle White, Editorial Director of the Interweave Group. "As you learn new jewelry-making skills, you’ll also come across supplies that are new to you. Use this handy guide to see what they look like, find out what they’re used for, and discover great tips from…professionals on how to use them–then keep a good supply of them on hand!"

Free jewelry making supplies guide

Using Jewelry Supplies

With this free guide, you’ll also get a bonus project on how to use a versatile but unconventional hardware-store product with a variety of other jewelry-making supplies to create a really artistic brooch by master metalsmith and jewelry designer Robert Dancik. This project is a great example of mixing incongruous materials for wonderful results–which is easy to do once you understand the supplies you’re using.

Using jewelry findings to make a brooch

Free Jewelry Project Incorporating Jewelry Findings

PVC and Silver Brooch by Robert Dancik


Within the brooch tutorial is a lesson on how to create pin stems for pins/brooches, so every last detail of your piece can be truly handcrafted. And this is just one of the valuable little technique sidebars you’ll find in this eBook; you’ll also see a quick tutorial on broomcasting, tips for riveting and fabrication, and how to work with and properly finish faux bone (PVC). You can cut it, carve it, etch it, drill it, cut it, stain it, and more–and it’s super durable.

Get the Most Out of Your Jewelry Supplies.

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