Learn How to Sell Jewelry Online the Simple Way in this Free Guide

Learn how to sell jewelry and improve your home-based jewelry business with expert tips from successful jewelry business owners in this free eBook. Selling jewelry should be enjoyable as well as profitable. There’s a lot more to selling jewelry than exchanging a pair of earrings for a pair of $20s. Long before jewelry and money can change hands, someone has to let likely buyers know the jewelry is out there and where, that it’s for sale, and for how much. Making a ton of jewelry and selling it wherever you can to make money the fastest way possible could quickly become unbearable. Learn essential information and manageable ideas to get a plan of action in place for a truly successful jewelry making business.
Whether you want to start a jewelry business and need tips on how to price jewelry effectively and fairly, or have been selling jewelry for years, this free eBook is an essential guide. In this tutorial you’ll find information about how to use the Internet and social media to promote your jewelry business online. Learn how to bring jewelry buyers to your business whether you’re selling jewelry online or off, and learn how to make money selling jewelry.
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Learn how to sell jewelry online in this free business guide from Jewelry Making Daily.
Learn how to sell jewelry online in this free business guide from Jewelry Making Daily.

Jewelry makers who succeed follow these useful tips.

It’s one thing to make a sale, but it’s another to make a profit. Make money selling jewelry online with tips on maintaining a strong social media presence and harnessing the power of the Web to actively promote your jewelry selling business. Get tips on how to keep your jewelry business’ Twitter and Facebook presence fresh and engaging. Discover the basics of search engine optimization (SEO) to increase the visibility of your jewelry business to anyone in search of your kind of jewelry. We’re sure you’ll love just how simple and powerful these ideas are. Download your free guide to a successful venture today!

Learn how to use Twitter to sell your jewelry online in this free guide from Jewelry Making Daily.

How to Sell Your Jewelry Using Twitter

By Cathleen McCarthy
Your Twitter profile is an extension of your handmade jewelry brand. Putting up a generic template with a blank silhouette tells us you are not a serious player and don’t care about visual impact. McCarthy recommends playing around with the design options under "settings". Uploading a photo and turning it into a background mosaic takes two minutes and makes an impact every time someone clicks your Twitter tag. This is the fun and creative part of making money selling jewelry online!

Learn how to use Facebook to sell your jewelry online in this free guide from Jewelry Making Daily.

How to Sell Jewelry Using Facebook

By Cathleen McCarthy
Of all the social networking sites, Facebook is often the perfect fit for artists who work in visual media—maybe because it’s as easy to upload an image as it is to post a comment. In fact, you can put up entire albums of up to 200 photos, free of charge. Pictures often get more attention because, let’s face it, they are worth a thousand words. Learn important steps for engaging your audience through Facebook.

Learn how to use search engine optimization, or SEO, to sell your jewelry online in this free guide from Jewelry Making Daily.

How to Sell by Improving SEO

By Cathleen McCarthy
The best way to test the effectiveness of a title is to Google it and see what pops up. Any time you list a new piece of jewelry, do a quick search first. Type in the words you imagine a potential customer might use if they were searching for this piece. What comes to the top and why? After a while, you won’t need to do this every time to know how to word a title or choose your tags. McCarthy suggests consistency: decide whether to use your own name or the name of your jewelry business, and then use that for all online profiles. If you’re wondering how to use social media sites and link them effectively, learn tips from our experts in this free eBook.

Learn how to price jewelry on Etsy in this free guide from Jewelry Making Daily.

How to Price Jewelry on Etsy

By Suzanne Wade
For many newcomers to a home-based jewelry business, setting prices is an emotional judgment rather than a business decision. That can get you into trouble, because if your revenues aren’t higher than your costs, your business is doomed to fail. Determining fair prices for your work means setting aside the emotional attachment to your pieces and looking at them with a simple equation in mind: labor + overhead + materials + profit = fair price.

Every successful jewelry business owner knows the ins-and-outs of how to sell jewelry online, so what are you waiting for? Download this exclusive, free ebook to start selling jewelry online today!

Applying basic SEO to a web listing is one of the easiest ways to ensure gem or jewelry buyers find your handmade jewelry online. But how do you know which search terms people are using? Social media offer free and simple online marketing. But how do you use social media sites and link them effectively to ensure your jewelry business is discovered and your fan base grows? This free eBook is perfect for any home jewelry business looking to acquire new buyers and fans, and keep them coming back.