How to Wire Wrap Crystals: 4 FREE Tutorials on Wire-Wrapping Crystals

Wire-wrapped crystal jewelry is all over the fashion magazines and runways lately. It’s easy to find wire and crystal jewelry in retail stores, but it’s way more fun to make your own! Wire-wrapped crystal jewelry projects like the ones in this free eBook allow you to pick your own wire and your own crystals, so you can be on trend and express yourself at the same time. Whether you use undrilled crystal points, top-drilled crystals, or crystal-shaped beads, once you’ve chosen your materials, you can combine them into rings, pendants, and bracelets that suit your own personal style. So grab your pliers and have fun!
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Learn how to wire wrap crystals the right way with these 4 FREE wire-wrapping tutorials and projects from Jewelry Making Daily!
Learn how to wire wrap crystals the right way with these 4 FREE wire-wrapping projects including wire wrap rings, earrings and a pendant from Jewelry Making Daily!

Wire-wrapping crystals is easier than you think!

Discover how to wire wrap crystals with these FREE wire-wrapping jewelry designs using your own wire and crystals to assist you in creating wire-wrapped jewelry pieces that are trendy, refreshing and, most importantly, FUN!

Learn how to wire wrap crystals with this FREE wire wrap ring project that involves a beautiful carnelian nugget nestled within a hand-wrapped ring of sterling silver from Jewelry Making Daily.

Natural Stone Paired with Sterling Silver

Chunky Carnelian Ring by Christine Haynes
This beautiful carnelian nugget is perfectly at home nested within a hand-wrapped ring of sterling wire. The nesting effect is purposely unstructured, yet elegant. The process for creating this ring actually happened by accident. I cut way too much wire for the original design I had in mind, and I didn’t want it
to go to waste. The rest is history. This ring is so quick and easy, I made mine while watching television.

Learn how to wire wrap crystals with this coiled and spiraled wrapped briolettes project from Jewelry Making Daily.

Coiled and Spiraled with Colorful Wrapped Briolettes

Nicole Earrings by Susan Olivio
These earrings evolved while Susan was experimenting with the Egyptian scroll design. The bottom half is based on that design, but she wanted to make a pair of earrings and incorporate the growing trend of wire-wrapping beads into the design.

Learn how to wire wrap crystals the right way with this free wire-wrapped pendant project from Jewelry Making Daily.

Mixed-Media Gem on a Coiled Silk Wire

Diamante Locks by Aliya Shafqat
This pendant is the best piece in my Spiral Collection. I wanted to create something different—elegant, yet simple, and beautiful to wear out. The best part about this project is that you can make it from recycled material and it’s easy to make!

Learn how to wire wrap crystals the right way with this free project on wire wrap earrings from Jewelry Making Daily.

Easy, Elegant, and Avant Garde Wire and Crystal Earrings

Champagne Flutes by Jamie Hogsett
The CZ beads in these easy-to-make wrapped wire earrings cluster at the top of the dangle, just as champagne bubbles float to the top of a glass.

These FREE wire-wrapping jewelry projects are perfect for learning how to wire wrap crystals.

Follow step-by-step wire-wrapping jewelry projects to learn how to use your creativity to make a personal statement through something you can wear using wire and crystals. Learning how to wire wrap crystals is very trendy, so don’t miss out on these FREE wire-wrapping tutorials to get you started…it’s easier than you think!