5 Free Handcrafted Jewelry Making Techniques

Welcome to the creative and dynamic world of DIY jewelry! It’s a rewarding journey to learn how to make your own jewelry and wear it with pride or make it the most personal of gifts. Nothing expresses your own style and personality like a piece of original artisan jewelry that you designed and made yourself. And nothing is quite as satisfying as the act of making jewelry yourself: from selecting your materials, creating the design, and gathering your tools to the final polishing–and suddenly holding that beautiful, finished piece in your very own hands.

In our free eBook, you’ll find a surprisingly broad range of jewelry techniques, styles, materials, and finished pieces to get you started making your own metal jewelry or introduce you to new ways of approaching design. You’ll make bracelets, earrings, and pendants. You’ll make silver jewelry, gemstone jewelry, and jewelry made entirely from jump rings. You’ll learn to use jewelry wire, metal clay, and metal sheet.

You’ll learn jewelry making techniques from chain maille, fold forming, microfolding, and die forming to stone setting—plus great technique tips on texturing. You’ll find jewelry that’s flexible, organic, geometric, and inspiring, so you can make it as shown or take what you learn to design jewelry that is uniquely yours!

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Make handcrafted jewelry with these 5 jewelry making techniques
Handcrafted jewelry with metal clay jewelry involving leaves

Don’t miss learning these fun handcrafted jewelry
making techniques!

With informative tips and instructional projects on how to work with different types of textures and forms, you’ll excel in your jewelry making skills! Whether you want to make jewelry to give, sell, wear or express yourself, you’ll discover intriguing forms, clever connections, and clear, illustrated jewelry making instructions from experts to guide you along the way.

It’s all in this compact package of handcrafted jewelry making projects and jewelry making lessons … call these jewelry instructions what you will, they’re all there to help you learn how to make jewelry. So pull out your pliers, warm up your kiln, find your files, set up your torch, and start making your own handcrafted jewelry today!

Red Jasper Pendant Jewelry

Make a Stone Pendant Necklace

Angled Red Jasper Pendant by Lexi Erickson

Jasper’s satin finish leaves a softness that gives the stone a regal elegance. The unique cut of the stone called for a different type of bezel set that resulted in an angled setting as unique as the jasper that inspired it. This irregular and beautiful stone will draw loads of attention due to its unique stone setting and presentation.

Create these whisk earrings

Handcrafted Wire Earrings

Whimsical Whisks by Denise Peck
Creating these wire spiral earrings is a fun DIY jewelry making project for any level! The oxidized silver makes them striking, but it looks great in colored wire, too, if you prefer. With a few simple wire-working jewelry techniques, you’ll be sure to dazzle with these simple yet elegant handcrafted earrings.

Learn how to make a Two toned Turkish bracelet

Make a Chunky Round Chain Maille Bracelet

Two-Toned Turkish Bracelet by Joyce Tromp
With this tutorial, you’ll learn an intricate chain maille weave called the Turkish round maille. Beyond its complex looks, it’s a fun and straightforward jewelry making technique that will create a beautiful accessory to any outfit. This design includes both silver and gold rings to give it a contrasting and elegant look.


DIY Pendant

Textured Silver Pendant by Jack Berry
You’ll fall in love with this handcrafted jewelry project as it utilizes fun texture techniques including fabrication with microfolding and die forming! By using very thin gauges of sheet metal, the resulting folds and pleats can vary any way you desire! Die forming results in dramatic and voluminous structures by opening the folds and pleats, like the petals in a blossoming flower. The final result is in a silver pendant with loads of textured personality!

Metal Clay Jewelry with Leaves

Handcraft Gorgeous Leaves in Metal Clay

Metal Clay Leaves by Hadar Jacobson
Are those real leaves?! Create handcrafted earrings and a necklace using metal clay and a jewelry making technique called fold forming. After creating these metallic designs, you can wear them as earrings or create an eye-catching necklace perfect for any occasion! You’ll excel in your handcrafted jewelry skills with this unique project.

Learn how to creature texture in jewelry making

How to Create Texture in Jewelry Making

Technique: Texture How-To
A special bonus in this free eBook on making handcrafted jewelry includes how to creature texture in your DIY jewelry. With a step-by-step guide to oxidizing jewelry as well as hammering wire for jewelry making, you’ll expand your skills at any handcrafted jewelry technique that involves texture.

Enhance your handcrafted jewelry making skills with this FREE eBook that will teach you exciting techniques!

With 5 handcrafted jewelry making techniques, you’ll create masterful textures, folds and other techniques from chain maille jewelry and stone setting to metal clay, fold-forming, wire and microfolding necklaces and earrings. Download today to get started learning a broad variety of jewelry-making skills and techniques!