Free Jewelry Videos

Learn to solder, use a torch, work with wire, and more to create stunning jewelry designs with original and free jewelry making videos from the editors of and Interweave’s top jewelry-making publications: Step Step Wire Jewelry and Lapidary Jewelry Artist magazines.


Metal Stamping Jewelry | Free Jewelry Making Videos

Watch more at: In one of our favorite free jewelry making videos, expert metalsmith Helen Driggs demonstrates basic techniques for using metal stamps and metal stamping tools to create textures and patterns for any of your jewelry designs. Begin with a refresher course on safety and selecting the correct tools, then learn Helen’s tried…


Jewelry Etching on Copper | Free Jewelry Making Video

Master etching basics and boost your skills with tips and techniques for resist etching, forming an etched bracelet, finishing your work, and more! Enjoy an introductory etching instruction in this free jewelry making video. Join artist and experienced metalsmith Lexi Erickson in 6 watch-and-learn lessons for everything you need to know to get started etching…


Metalsmith Essentials: Free Metalsmithing Video for Hammering and Forming

Now you can take your metal-forming skills to the next level with expert step-by-step instructions in this free metalsmithing video preview. Join master metalsmith and toolmaker Bill Fretz for Metalsmith Essentials: Hammering and Forming Jewelry, Vol 2, for eight watch-and-learn lessons on everything you need to know to create your own intricately formed metal jewelry.…


Metalsmith Essentials: Textures and Patinas | Free Metalsmithing Videos

Join the Metalsmith Essentials revolution. The fabricationista, Helen Driggs, is back with another 2-disc set! Now you can learn how to make your own richly textured handmade metal jewelry, step by step. Join artist and experienced metalsmith Helen Driggs in 11 watch-and-learn lessons for everything you need to know to get started texturing and patinating…


Simple Wire Loop Technique Jewelry Making Video

Learn how to make a simple wire loop. Denise Peck, editor in chief of Step by Step Wire Jewelry magazine, shows you how to create perfect round loops to enhance your jewelry-making skills. Other topics you may enjoy:Wire wrapped spear hadCuffed Ears"Foo Dog" pendantRivulets of RainFurthered progression into symmetry