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DIY Jewelry Making Ideas

Learn how to make leather jewelry with these 3 FREE leather jewelry making projects from Jewelry Making Daily.

Leather Jewelry Making

Adding a touch of leather to your metal jewelry designs changes the personality instantly! The soft, sumptuous feel and look of leather brings a funky chic to your designs. In these 3 FREE leather jewelry making projects, leather becomes a conduit for showing off some beautiful metal and wirework.

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Handcrafted Jewelry Ideas to Make as Gifts!

Handcrafted Jewelry Ideas for Gifts

The experts at Jewelry Making Daily are here to ease your search with a list of quick and easy handcrafted jewelry ideas for you! Also, if you’re looking for gifts to give a jewelry maker, we included jewelry making ideas to surprise them, as well!

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Learn how to make pearl jewelry in this eBook on handmade pearl jewelry tutorial from Jewelry Making Daily.

Handmade Pearl Jewelry

In this DIY Pearl Jewelry eBook, you’ll be dazzled by the 3 free projects that are centered around making your own handmade pearls! From how to make pearl necklaces, dangling pearl earrings and even a copper pearl bracelet, you’ll learn how to make pearl jewelry in these eye-catching designs and more!

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Learn how to make bracelets in this exclusive, free DIY bracelet ideas tutorial from Jewelry Making Daily.

DIY Bracelets

In our free bracelet-making eBook, you can learn how to make bracelets in three distinctive bracelet patterns. Start with a simple introductory metalsmithing bracelet design with a little sparkle and move up to a more involved bracelet project that features mokumé gane and bezel setting—and top it all off with a homemade cuff bracelet made with a jeweler’s saw.

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Learn how to make chain maille jewelry the simple way with this exclusive free guide from Jewelry Making Daily.

Jewelry Chain Maille Patterns

In jewelry making we often use jump rings to connect other parts, securing a clasp to a necklace or charms to a bracelet; but you can also make necklaces with nothing but jump rings, too. The technique of chain maille jewelry making combines jump rings to create chains, knots, necklaces, bracelets and earrings, and can be as simple or complex as you desire.

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Learn everything you always wanted to know about jewelry enameling in this exclusive free eBook from Jewelry Making Daily.


Enamel is one of the most versatile sources of pure, luscious color. Powdered glass can be applied with great precision onto a variety of jewelry metals, including silver, gold, and copper. What makes enameling so versatile is the ability to switch from a broad brush to adding minute details, making each and every piece truly unique. Learn everything you’ve always wanted to know about enameling jewelry in this exclusive, free guide.

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Free eBook on how to make your very own fall jewelry designs from Jewelry Making Daily.

Fall Jewelry

Fall, autumn, or pre-fall: whatever you prefer, the season (and in the case of pre-fall, seasonlet) is among fashion’s most important no matter where you are in the world. There’s no denying the appeal of cosy knitwear and androgynous heavy coats. With this tutorial, you can make your own fall jewelry to go with the season. What’s more stylish than something completely yours?

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The ultimate collection of free recycled jewelry ideas. Don't let old jewelry pieces go to waste; create something uniquely you from your jewelry stash!

DIY Recycled Jewelry

In this free jewelry tutorial, you’ll get three, DIY recycled jewelry ideas that will inspire you to dig through your stash—and maybe the trash—with complete how-to instructions from their clever designers. In addition to these three fun and fabulous recycling projects, you’ll get great tips like how to properly seal paper ephemera for use with resin (and get a very clear view of why), how to use craft paper punches with aluminum cans for jewelry making, and to use nickels for soldering supports.

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Everything you've always wanted to know about how to make earrings can be found in this free, exclusive DIY earrings tutorial from Jewelry Making Daily.

How to Make Earrings at Home

Learn how to make drop earrings, hoop earrings and earring hooks with wire in this free jewelry download. Handmade earrings have never been more easy to create with these instructions. Give it a go, and you’ll find you have a new skill to make earrings as gifts or for yourself.

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Learn everything about ring making in this free, exclusive eBook from Jewelry Making Daily.

DIY Ring Making

Who doesn’t love wearing and making rings? In the free eBook, Making a Ring: Jewelry Making Guide and Free Projects to Create Your Own Rings, you’ll learn to make three distinct types of rings: wire-wrapped rings, simple stackable bands, and rings set with gemstones in bezels. There are three versatile jewelry-making ring projects and a handy chart for making metal rings.

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Learn how to make glass beads in this ultimate glass-bead making guide from the experts at Jewelry Making Daily.

Glass Bead Making

Discover how to make glass beads that mimic the juicy, plump look of your favorite fruit with Cindy Martin’s “Grapes of Glass.” Or make your jewelry come alive with the colors of spring, with a birdhouse lampworked bead, complete with vines and vibrantly colored accents. Have you ever wondered how to get designs inside a bead and overall glass bead making? Follow along with Lauri Copeland for a step-by-step demonstration on lampworking flower designs into glass beads.

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Learn how to make steampunk jewelry in this free, exclusive guide from Jewelry Making Daily.

DIY Steampunk Jewelry

“What is Steampunk?”, you ask. Steampunk gets its name from an era during which steam power was used, during the Victorian 1800s. It was a romantic time full of arts and beauty but also full of discovery and new technology, like the invention of steam power. Here you’ll find inspiring ways to blend these Steampunk elements using many different, DIY steampunk jewelry making techniques, including wire wrapping, cold connections, resin, and soldering.

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An exclusive guide to creating mixed media jewelry designs from the experts at Jewelry Making Daily.

Mixed-Media Jewelry

Discover free wearable mixed-media jewelry designs using simple techniques and fabulous materials to get you started creating jewelry pieces that are memorable, refreshing, and fun. Turn special items you’ve been saving as keepsakes into pieces of incredible art. This free eBook will show you what mixed media is all about, and we bet you fall in love. Follow step-by-step projects to learn how to use your creativity to make a personal statement through something you can wear.

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Make your very own DIY necklace from this free eBook on how to make a necklace from the experts at Jewelry Making Daily.

DIY Necklace Making Patterns

Necklaces can surely be the most eye-catching and attention-grabbing pieces of jewelry. Merle White, an Editorial Director at Interweave Group, says, “necklaces simply stand out: if you’re going to wear just one piece of jewelry that you want to be noticed, it’s probably going to be a necklace.” You can learn how to make a necklace in this exclusive free eBook including three different pendants and necklaces while also learning many metalsmithing techniques.

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Learn how to make fun pet jewelry in this free eBook from Jewelry Making Daily.

Pet Jewelry

If you love crafting and you love your furry little friend, you’ll love these free projects for making pet jewelry or pet-themed jewelry. Learn to make jewelry for pets, about your pets, and matching pieces for you and your pet in our free eBook. In it you’ll get three complete step-by-step tutorials for all levels, featuring techniques like engraving, metal stamping, riveting and cold connections, wire wrapping, metal fabrication, and more.

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Create wondrous spring jewelry designs in this free eBook from Jewelry Making Daily.

Spring Jewelry

Who doesn’t love spring? Especially the flowers, a popular go-to motif for jewelry artisans of all types. If they’re a favorite for you, too, you’ll love our spring jewelry eBook, Jewelry for Spring: 3 Jewelry Designs Inspired by Spring Colors. And if you’re not a fan of flowers, you can still learn a wide variety of techniques in these three free projects and then modify any of them to suit you.

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Learn how to make summer jewelry in this exclusive, free eBook from Jewelry Making Daily.

Summer Jewelry

You can keep those beach vacation memories with you all summer long and learn to make summer-inspired jewelry in our free summer jewelry tutorial. These three summery jewelry making projects show you how to capture the magic of the sun, the waves, and a riot of flowers using copper and silver; wire, sheet, and metal clay; and glass beads, pearls, and carved, cabbed, and faceted gemstones.

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Don't miss your chance to create one-of-a-kind vintage jewelry designs in this free eBook from Jewelry Making Daily.

Vintage Jewelry

The perfect accessory to a sophisticated soirée is the dinner ring: make an openwork silver mount for a shimmering opal gem, and improve your soldering and stone setting skills at the same time. Whether you want to envelop yourself in the Belle Epoque or create a keepsake piece with personal mementoes, these lovely projects will show you how to make vintage jewelry today.

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If you like handmade jewelry, then you'll LOVE this free, exclusive collection of handmade wedding jewelry designs from Jewelry Making Daily.

Wedding Jewelry

Each piece in our eBook can be customized to match any bride’s color palette, and the designs are suitable for the bridesmaids, mother of the bride or groom, other special ladies in the wedding party, and even the bride herself. Get your copy of this tutorial and free handmade wedding jewelry projects just in time to create beautiful bridal jewelry to be cherished and remembered!

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If you love snow, cold and all other wintry things, then this winter jewelry free eBook is for you!

Winter Jewelry

These winter jewelry designs make perfect Christmas gifts or holiday decorations. You’ll develop your skills in chainmail, fusing, bezel making and wire wrapping. Make earrings, necklaces or ornaments with these free tutorials ready to download and print. Great beginner jewelry making project!

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Make wire jewelry the simple way with this free eBook on how to make wire jewelry exclusively from Jewelry Making Daily.

Wire Jewelry Patterns

This free how to make wire jewelry tutorial walks you through wire-wrapping techniques and informative wire-wrapping instructions that will have you making wire jewelry in no time. Whether you’re a seasoned expert or new to wire jewelry patterns, this eBook is a timeless guide. Also included are complete material lists and the wire working tools you’ll need to start your wire jewelry making.

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Metalsmithing Jewelry Techniques

Learn how to make resin jewelry in this exclusive, free eBook from Jewelry Making Daily.

Resin Jewelry Making

Resin is a great way to protect and preserve delicate objects, such as fabric and paper, and keep them dry and safe from scratching or chipping. Embedding focal elements in resin opens up a world of possibilities for found object and memento resin jewelry. Each DIY resin jewelry tutorial in this free eBook use a premade bezel, but if you are comfortable doing it, you can create your own bezels and other adaptations as needed.

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If you like copper, then you'll LOVE these free copper jewelry making designs in this exclusive, free eBook on how to make copper jewelry from Jewelry Making Daily.

Copper Jewelry Making

Almost anything you can do with silver you can do with copper. It’s a warmer-looking metal than silver, and when it’s patinated, it’s truly delicious. And the bonus? It’s easy to work with. Indulge in copper jewelry making with three free copper jewelry designs including projects on copper wire jewelry, etching & more, you’ll love these versatile looks!

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If you can't get enough of making metal jewelry, then you're in luck! The experts at Jewelry Making Daily compiled this exclusive, free eBook on how to make copper jewelry, brass jewelry and aluminum jewelry all in one guide!

Copper Jewelry, Brass Jewelry & Aluminum Jewelry

Aluminum, brass and copper jewelry designs made their way into the world of jewelry for several years now. The popularity of brass jewelry has surely been helped by it being such a good alternative to gold jewelry. Brass is a favorite of mine, along with copper jewelry, because they are ideal for torch enameling.

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Etching metal jewelry is demystified in this exclusive, free eBook from Jewelry Making Daily on how to etch metal to create beautiful jewelry designs.

Etching Metal Jewelry Making

In our free eBook, you’ll learn how to etch metal from start to finish in a complete metal-etching tutorial by master metalsmith Lexi Erickson. Once you’ve got the basic etching metal technique down, the sky’s the limit in what you can create and the etched metal designs you can make. You’ll learn just how beautiful your etched jewelry designs can be when you download this informative and illustrated tutorial.

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Learn everything you've always wanted to know about how to make a cold connection jewelry project in this free, exclusive eBook from jewelry Making Daily.

Cold Connection Jewelry Projects

In the craft world, the term “cold connections” usually describes mechanical joining techniques that are used to fasten together parts that cannot be soldered (which is a “hot” connection). This doesn’t mean, however, that cold connection is just an alternative for artists who don’t want to use a torch. With this free eBook, you’ll expand your knowledge of the various methods, hot or cold, when it comes to constructing necklaces.

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Learn how to make handmade jewelry the simple in in this free eBook on jewelry making for beginners exclusively from Jewelry Making Daily.

Jewelry Making for Beginners

Nothing is as rewarding as learning how to make your own jewelry and being able to wear it with pride or make it the most personal of gifts. Nothing expresses your own style and personality like a piece of original artisan jewelry that you designed and made yourself. You’ll get beginner jewelry making ideas for all of the handmade jewelry projects you’ve been eager to get your hands on.

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Learn how to make metal jewelry in this free metal jewelry making eBook exclusively from Jewelry Making Daily.

Metal Jewelry Making

The quest on how to make metal jewelry can be a daunting prospect, but don’t worry! A wealth of resources exists to help you learn how to turn metal sheet and wire into showstopping bracelets, necklaces, earrings and beyond. Use this free download on metal jewelry making to learn all the metalsmithing basics every jeweler should know, including how to saw metal and how to file jewelry.

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Learn everything about metal stamping jewelry you've always wanted to know in this free eBook exclusively from Jewelry Making Daily.

Metal Stamping Jewelry

Metal stamping jewelry is a fun way to customize jewelry designs quickly and permanently. It works well on several kinds of metal, and you can highlight your stamped designs with many coloration methods and patinating agents. In this exclusive collection, we offer three projects how to make stamped jewelry to encourage you to grab a hammer, a few stamps, and some metal, and give metal stamping a whirl.

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Learn how to micro torch jewelry with this free video from Jewelry Making Daily.

How to Use a Micro Torch

If you are using a micro torch for the first time, you’ll discover how convenient this small, portable torch is. If you’ve never used any kind of torch, you’ll learn how to get started with a micro torch plus discover the basics of annealing and fusing—and then you’ll learn the simple technique of how to fuse wire links, too.

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Learn how to make silver jewelry in this free eBook on silversmithing from Jewelry Making Daily.

Making Silver Jewelry

Improve your skills as a jewelry making silversmith and learn how to make silver jewelry while creating an outstanding silver pendant, ring, pin, and a bonus sterling silver findings project, an S-hook clasp. With silver sheet, silver jewelry findings, silver jewelry making tools, and basic silver jewelry supplies, you’ll be sure to hone your silversmithing skills as you re-create outstanding handmade silver jewelry.

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Learn how to solder jewelry with this free eBook on soldering jewelry from Jewelry Making Daily.

Soldering Jewelry

Whether you are experienced or new to making your own jewelry, this introductory eBook on soldering jewelry, specifically silver soldering and soldering copper jewelry, is full of essential basics you will use again and again throughout your jewelry making lifetime. There are a wide variety of jewelry soldering supplies and tools to choose from. Solder and flux are used to securely adhere metal pieces to one another.

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Learn electroforming jewelry the simple way in this how-to, free ebook from Jewelry Making Daily.

Electroforming Jewelry

If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at taking natural shapes like raw crystals or flowers and turning them into jewelry, then you’ll want to be learning how to electroform jewelry. This free video to download will teach you all the basics about electroforming jewelry so you’re ready to get started.

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Jewelry Business, Marketing & Theory

Copyright 101 for jewelry artist free download.

US Jewelry Copyright Law

The staff at Interweave have released a free eBook Know Your Rights to help raise awareness of the issues surrounding copyright and give credit to the talented writers, designers, artists, photographers, and innovators who work with us to share their products and ideas with our readers. This guide to the basics of copyright is for anyone and everyone: designers and makers, crafters, retailers, library staff, educators, and more.

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Learn how to start a jewelry business and how to sell jewelry online in this exclusive, free eBook from Jewelry Making Daily.

Jewelry Business

Learn how to sell jewelry and improve your home-based jewelry business with expert tips from successful business owners in this free jewelry business eBook. Make money selling handmade jewelry online with tips on maintaining a strong social media presence and harnessing the power of the web to actively promote your jewelry selling business.

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Learn how to make your very own jewelry designs in this free eBook from Jewelry Making Daily.

Jewelry Design

Anyone can combine raw materials and techniques to create unique pieces, but the ability to take an idea to paper and create a rendering of your envisioned piece takes you from jewelry maker to designer. Not sure where to start? Get the scoop on your basic drawing and design tools. Explore form and texture in metal in detail, and learn to take one of your ideas to create multiple variations of your design.

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Every successful jeweler owns a copy of this free, exclusive jewelry dictionary and jewelry terms.

Jewelry Dictionary

Every craft has its own set of complicated jargon, and making shiny trinkets is no exception. If you’ve ever struggled to understand a pattern or tutorial, or you simply want to know exactly what you’re acquiring at the craft store, then you’ll want to have this jewelry dictionary by your side. This is one ebook no crafter should go without filled with jewelry terms and vocabulary!

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Learn everything you need to know about jewelry making supplies and jewelry tools in this free eBook from Jewelry Making Daily.

Jewelry Tools

Don’t know the difference between a bench block, a mandrel and an anvil? We’ll clue you in. You’ll find this illustrated eBook on jewelry making tools a valuable reference if you’re just venturing into jewelry metalsmithing, and full of interesting comments from established jewelers even if you’re one yourself. From tips for setting up your jeweler’s bench to selecting top of the line jewelry tools for forming, cutting, soldering, and finishing, this jewelry making equipment guide has you covered.

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The only jewelry making supplies guide you need. Download this free exclusive eBook filled with resources and tips on jewelry making supplies and more from Jewelry making Daily.

Jewelry Making Supplies Guide

Once you know about jewelry making tools, find out about the wider world of general jewelry making supplies. From metals to torches, discover what you’ll need for the techniques that best suit your jewelry making style. There’s even a free project to work on so you can put your newfound knowledge to the test.

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Gemstone Jewelry and Stone Setting

If you like gemstones, then you'll LOVE this free gemstone jewelry guide that shows you how to make gemstone jewelry exclusively from Jewelry Making Daily.

Gemstone Jewelry

Although these intriguing gems are sometimes referred to by the old trade term “semi-precious stones,” there is really nothing “semi” about their value at all. Celebrate the wonderful power of gemstones with the experts in this free eBook on how to make gemstone jewelry, and you’ll agree that many of these colored gems are more beautiful than the often recited big three: ruby, emerald and sapphire.

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Learn everything about lapidary jewelry from lapidary rough to lapidary supplies in this exclusive eBook from Jewelry Making Daily.

Lapidary Jewelry 101

A gemstone is the perfect medium for an artist to display color and light—not to mention what a fashion statement it can make. But good gemstones do not grow on trees. By definition, a gemstone is a stone that is beautiful, rare, and durable. For a lapidary jewelry artist, finding the perfect lapidary rough and figuring out the best rock cutting and polishing process is a whole adventure.

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Learn how to cut stones for jewelry making purposes in this free eBook on stone cutting from Jewelry Making Daily.

Stone Cutting

You will learn how a piece of patterned stone containing ruby mixed with other materials progresses from gem rough to finished cabochon. From stone cutting tools to learning the basics of stone cutting, you’ll be able to create beautiful set stones in jewelry, display the finished product proudly on a shelf, and more. The first question to ask is: What’s the best way to cut this stone? All of the answers you need are here at your fingertips in this exclusive guide on stone cutting.

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Bezel setting for jewelry demystified in this free eBook on stone setting from Jewelry Making Daily.

Bezel Setting

You’ll find this detailed eBook on bezel setting a valuable reference if you’re new to stone setting; and full of inspiration and new ideas even if you’ve already mastered the art of stone setting. From simple bezel setting to techniques for setting faceted stones and setting gemstones with unusual shapes, we have you covered. Once you’ve learned how to form and assemble metal to create the jewelry piece you’ve envisioned, the next jewelry making skill you need to master is stone setting.

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Clay Jewelry Making

If you love clay jewelry, then you'll love these epoxy jewelry projects found in this free eBook on epoxcy clay jewelry from Jewelry Making Daily.

Epoxy Clay Jewelry

Epoxy jewelry is growing in popularity because it’s just so easy to make. It’s super-adhesive and a great way to incorporate cheap gemstones and crystals into your designs if you don’t know how to set stones yet. It’s also a good transitioning jewelry project for kids who are beginning to try more advanced jewelry making techniques.

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Create beautiful clay jewelry in this free eBook about polymer clay jewelry ideas.

Polymer Clay Jewelry Ideas

You’ll find out how to decorate the surfaces of your polymer clay beads with textures and acrylic paints. Making beads with versatile polymer clay opens up a world of creative possibilities using common tools and household equipment. With little more than a sharp knife, some sandpaper, a pasta machine, and a toaster oven, you can make polymer clay jewelry that is as bold or as delicate as you like.

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Make shiny and beautiful metal clay jewelry in this free eBook from Jewelry Making Daily.

Metal Clay Jewelry

Find three metal clay jewelry making projects that demonstrate how to combine different metal clays, how to work with metal clay and wire wrapping, how to make earrings, pins, and rings, and how to use silver, copper, bronze, and steel metal clays. You can make these projects just as shown, or apply what you learn from the illustrated step-by-step instructions to create stunning metal clay jewelry designs of your own.

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