4 Free Projects and Tutorials on How to Make Earrings

You can never make too many earrings, but it’s really fun to try! Earrings are great to wear, quick and easy to design, and fun to make or modify to whatever materials you have on hand or whatever technique you’d like to make them with. Handmade earrings are jewelry that’s well-suited to any style outfit or any jewelry maker’s budget. Earrings also make terrific gifts: because there’s always an affordable pair that you can give away that goes with something the recipient already owns, plus you’ll get the gift of learning something new after making them yourself!

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Learn how to make earrings at home with this easy free tutorial from Jewelry Making Daily!
Learn how to make earrings at home with this free jewelry making eBook.

What’s inside?

This collection features directions for making several different DIY earring designs, each with its own look and using varied techniques. Want some wire earrings with embellished hoops enhanced with labradorite beads? You’ll learn to lash together very fine silver or copper wire as you make them. How about some dramatically sweeping earrings of textured brass sheet and domed copper disks that don’t require a torch to assemble? You can fabricate them so fast using rivets that I called them the “Wear Them Tonight Earrings.” Or perhaps you’d like a little sparkle that’s perfect for the holidays? If so, try making our elegantly dangling silver and gem beaded earrings created with wire, jump rings, cutters and pliers. Plus, for some inspiring ideas for handmade gifts and beyond, check out Terri Haag’s fantastic feature on integrating metal ear wires right into your next earring design.

Learn how to make earrings with wire and beads in this free eBook!

How to Make Earrings with Wire and Beads

Style and Grace Wire Earrings by Anica Gabrovec
These wire earrings look elaborate and lacy, full of pretty wire curls and coils–but they’re easier to make than you might think! They’re accented by pretty beads that can be any color or style you like, plus you can change them up even more by using wire in other metals, colors, and combos. There’s just enough metalwork and soldering involved to keep things interesting, making them a great segue project for wireworkers who want to ease into metalsmithing.

How to make drop earrings in an hour!

How to Make Drop Earrings

Wear Them Tonight Earrings by Helen Driggs
If soldering isn’t your thing, try your hand at cold connections (tube rivets), along with other metalwork techniques like texturing and doming metal to make these modern earrings. “There are endless variations, so take out what materials you have and run with this design. That’s what I did,” Helen says. “Since these earrings are so easy to make, you might try a whole series based on one idea–varying the size, metal, technique, or construction.”

Learn how to make DIY earrings for gifts!

How to Make Handmade Earrings for the Holidays

Holiday Earrings: Silver and Peridot or Garnet Earrings by Nina Cooper and Leah Rivers
To make these quick earrings, you just need a few tools, some gem beads, and some clever findings that do a lot of the work for you! These two projects come with a great tip for working with gemstone beads: Because their holes are usually smaller than non-gem bead holes are, you need to be mindful of what gauge wire will fit and test the bead hole sizes before beginning a project.

This tutorial will teach you how to make earring hooks that are part of the earring design...very cool.

Inspiration for How to Make Earring Hooks

Earring Design Ideas: Integrated Earwires or Ready-Made by Terri Haag
Terri walks our readers through the many options for DIY ear wires, including new varieties that are integrated as part of the earring design.

Be the earring making expert you’ve always wanted to become with these free project on DIY earrings.

You too can assemble unique earrings using items in your own stash. It’s easy and fun to create lovely earrings for wearing, gifting or selling any time of year.