How to Make Bracelets the Right Way in Free Guide

Everyone loves DIY bracelets because it’s so easy to see the bracelet you’re wearing, and you can enjoy them as much as onlookers do. They’re also a little uncommon—almost everyone wears earrings and a ring or two, but bracelets are a little more special, a little less every day. Whether it’s a big bold cuff bracelet, stacks of trendy bangle bracelets, or a delicate tinkling charm bracelet, bracelets are special.
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Learn how to make bracelets the right way with this exclusive, free guide from Jewelry making Daily.
Learn how to make bracelets the right way with this exclusive, free guide from Jewelry making Daily.

Learning how to make bracelets is easier than you think.

DIY bracelets come in all shapes and sizes, which is one of the great things about them if you like developing your own jewelry designs. If you’re interested in learning how to make beaded bracelets, get ready to feel inspired! They are fun to make, fun to wear and handmade bracelets make wonderful gifts! This free eBook on how to make bracelets provides beautiful imagery of various jewelry making designs and teaches even the beginner how to make a bracelet with detailed instructions. Get started on a gift for a loved one (or yourself) today.

Learn how to make metal bracelets by hand with this free tutorial from Jewelry Making Daily.

How to Make Metal Bracelets by Hand

Floral Strainer: Unique focal pieces with crystals and Lucite By Cassie Donlen
Simple metalsmithing skills like hammering, dapping, and punching pair up with wirework and crystals to create eye-catching metal bracelets. This project is a perfect intro for new metalsmiths, allowing you to show off your skills in a pretty bracelet design featuring embellished domed silver discs that you can make in just a few hours.

Learn how to make a cuff bracelet with this free download from Jewelry Making Daily.

How to Make a Cuff Bracelet

Fairy Tale Links: Eight links designed to tell different stories by Wolf Dosch
Want something more challenging? How about making bracelets with bezel-set mokume gane components and a gem-set clasp, all connected with tube hinges, for a stunning and artistic bracelet design? Along the way you’ll get a great lesson about using distinctive mokume gane pieces, advanced soldering, creating patinas, and the option to combine metals like silver, gold, and even titanium and shakudo.

Make your very own cuff bracelet the simple way with this free guide from Jewelry Making Daily.

Make a Personalized Cuff in Any Shape

Paper Dolls Cuff: Using metal sawing techniques by Elizabeth Glass Geltman
This is a classic cuff bracelet with a playful twist that will help you master sawing skills. It’s eye-catching and lively with its broad, rigid silver form and dancing silhouettes, and it relies almost entirely on the jeweler’s saw to bring it to life. This imaginative jewelry design, once mastered, will inspire you to see all the other unique cuff designs you can create just by sawing out a pattern—flowers, geometric shapes, a cityscape perhaps?

These 3 free terrific projects on DIY bracelets suit medium to advanced jewelry makers.

Start with a simple introductory metalsmithing bracelet design with a little sparkle and move up to a more involved bracelet project that features mokumé gane and bezel setting—and top it all off with playful cuff bracelets that relies on the jeweler’s saw to bring out its beauty. And don’t limit yourself to one or the other, make all three DIY bracelets! Then experiment with your new bracelet-making skills and ideas to create a jewelry design that is truly your own.