Choosing the right cord/string

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Eliteoomph wrote
on 24 Feb 2013 6:09 PM

I have a maori jade fish hook style pendent sort of like this one.  here  except it doesn't have the additional jade circle above the hole.  

I am a man a I am looking for something (manly) that will look good.  I have seen a lot of the black type cord...  Also, a thin dark brown type of leather might be nice as well... I want to find something really cool.  I am not worried about price.

What do you guys think will work well?  Also, I will need some sort of fastener or clasp.  Always liked the ones that screwed unless you guys had a better idea.

I also have an antique key that I wear that I need to find a chain or something for...  It should be longer

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mirkaba wrote
on 25 Feb 2013 11:20 AM

Howdy............I generally use either black leather or heavy boot string leather for the mens pendants. Some men prefer heavy Sterling chain though. As far as the clasp goes I make my own Eye and Hook clasps. For mens wear they beat the heck out of the screw type........ Bob

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