Anderson Mini Saw Frame - trouble inserting saw blade

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kmelgoza wrote
on 9 Jan 2013 10:41 PM


I was wondering if anyone else has tried the Anderson Miniature saw frames? I've been trying to secure a saw blade in the frame and I'm not having much success. I finally got one inserted and secured in the traditional "compress the saw frame" method, but no matter how hard I compress the tiny frame, the saw blade seems too limp for successful work -- except maybe on wax. 

I'm not using it for regular saw work, but wanted to use it for tiny little nooks where the frame size would be a benefit. But if I can't get the blade tightened properly -- they aren't very useful for anything but soft work such as wax trimming.

Anyone have any suggestions? Am I inserting the blades wrong (between the screw bolt and frame)?



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