Vintage jewely is my new obsession

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jhriley10 wrote
on 14 Nov 2012 12:31 PM

Rookie alert!  One look @ a pinterest idea and now I'm attempting to make jewelry! Smile  I have wiped out every antique, consignment and thrift store of "vintage" pins and earrings (mostly clip ons) in my area.  I am interested in making bracelets out of them.  I bought flat pieces to elivate future problems, but honestly I am overwhelmed with beginning stages!  How do I remove the backings of the earrings? How do I attach them together? Solder or Super glue? Confused.....HELP!

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on 15 Nov 2012 9:43 AM

I am new at this also.  I'm removing vintage earring backings to make hair things.  I bought a drummel tool to help with removing the backings but I'm finding it also dings and dents parts of the earrings.  I;m thinking of buying a flexshaft tool and wonder if this is a little more gentle on jewelry.  Another way to do it is with elbow grease and use a clippers or wire cutter to remove the backing and then use a file to smooth the rough bits left behind.  As far as glue or solder, I recommend E6000 glue, or 'Locktite" but you probably need "jump rings" or wire to connect the earrings together into a bracelet, since glue or solder won't allow the pieces have any flexibility and probably wont hold up either.  I am using glue and nylon thread to attach my pieces to hairpins (go to a beading store to buy nylon thread in gold or silver).  Go on Etsy and you might see similar pieces to the one on pinterest and email the creator to see how they are made.

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Grimbald wrote
on 17 Nov 2012 11:18 AM

I am not sure what is causing your dings but here are a few questions to ponder.

Are you clamping your work and using your off hand to steady the tool or are you holding the work in one hand and the work in the other?  Clamping your work in and using your off hand to help steady the tool should help dramatically if you are not already doing it.

Dremmel tools can employ a huge number of different cutting, drilling, shaping and grinding bits which one are you using?  i find that the thin cut off wheels and the fine grey polishing wheels do a fantastic job and i work work mainly in stainless steel

Typically flex-shaft tools  have much higher torque and speed than the hand held rotary tools if you buy a good one with a good hand piece it will cut faster and smoother if you buy a cheep one you can expect to make bigger dings and make your hand go numb.

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