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melinda011 wrote
on 26 Dec 2010 9:21 AM

My name is Sheryl, and I live in Eagan, MN, which is a suburb of St. Paul - 10 minutes from the Mall of America.  I grew up here, but have also lived in Arizona and California.  I moved back to the frozen north to be nearer to my family when my kids were growing up, and now I stay here to be near to my grandkids.  I’m 57-years old.

I only began making jewelry this year, but have jumped into both making and selling with both feet!  I believe that I have a couple of good niche ideas that people are looking for.  So far, I have sold things to friends, by word-of-mouth, and have listed a few things on eBay. 

I started making things that are both hypoallergenic and lightweight, since I have metal sensitivities myself.  I've bought niobium and titanium wire, and am starting to handcraft both earwires to sell, and earrings that are made with such things as blown glass and wood components … I'm always on the look-out for things to use that look bigger, but are very lightweight, and earring styles than hang, but don’t “swing”, which irritates sensitive ears.

The necklaces and bracelets that I am making also have mostly hypoallergenic clasps – sterling, 14k gold, titanium, or vermeil - or no clasps at all.  I also like to make necklaces and bracelets in larger and smaller sizes than “normal”.  Whoever decided that every woman wears an 18” necklace and a 7” bracelet, anyway?  Personally, I wear a 7-1/2” – 8” bracelet and a 20-22” necklace, and got tired of seeing jewelry that I liked, but was not able to buy because it wouldn’t fit!  I reasoned that petite women had the same problem, but in reverse, so I am catering to the rest of the world that is not a “standard” size, and I really enjoy making jewelry to order.

This has been a very long introduction.  I thought it was time to introduce myself, since I’ve benefited from using this site for so long already.  I’m appreciative of ANY critiques – good or bad – if anyone looks at my store-in-progress.  There hasn’t been time to set up my own website yet, so it currently forwards to eBay (I’d rather be making jewelry!); but I’m also going to check out the other sites that were mentioned (Etsy, ArtFire, etc.).

Sheryl Dahl






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BogIron wrote
on 26 Dec 2010 7:03 PM

Hi Melinda, There are days I bet you wish you were back in Arizona! Welcome to the forums, it's always nice to have a new member. I saw someone at one of the craft shows crocheting with very fine niobium wire and then she did something to change the color to look like the rainbow. Her work was pricer than silver but with all of that needle work I could see why. Hope to hear more form you.

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