Fixing a broken link in my bracelet?

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pers0n wrote
on 22 Feb 2013 7:56 AM

This link bracelet has broken on me twice now and the first time I found the little metal peice that went in there to put it back together and somehow since it was bent a bit in the middle it stayed. However now I don't have that little metal rod to fix this? What do I do?

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BogIron wrote
on 22 Feb 2013 5:07 PM

Your pin has worn out so you need to fashion a new one out of the same size wire as the original one. Form a ball on the one end with a torch, use a rivet forming block, then file it to size, insert it into the original link and hammer the one end to swage it out a bit and your job should be just about complete. You should be able to make it match the existing ones so that you can't tell that you have a new hinge pin in place.

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