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on 19 Feb 2013 12:06 PM

I've always wanted to make my own jewelry and I thought what better way than pursuing it by opening up an Etsy shop at the same time. I do not have much experience with making my own jewelry but I am a super quick learner and I have a very creative mind.

I guess my questions are,

"What are the best books, Magazines, Websites you guys know about that would help me get started?"

"What are the best suppliers with great shipping rates to Canada? What are your thoughts on supplies from Walmart?"

"How do I go about selling on Etsy? Are there any things I need to know about before I open up my shop?"

"Should I think about setting up a table for the Winter Crafts fair? Or should I wait till at least Spring?"

I do not plan to open up my shop right away, until I at least have enough product and knowledge about making my business successful. I am determined more than anything to get this going, I would just like some input from other jewelry business owners. I have my goals to hopefully set up by Fall.

I have one last question,

"Since I'm setting up shop for Fall time, should I just start by making Fall merchandise?"


Thank You So Much,

Dani Star

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