Rectifier model size for electroplating gold on copper or silver cloisonne wires

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emosupremo wrote
on 11 Feb 2013 8:01 PM

Hello all,

Can anyone suggest the right size Rio Grande rectifier for gold coating copper or silver cloisonne wires? This would be a small piece eg. a bracelet or brooch? I've spent hours on the web searching and come up dry for the application, let alone solid, dependable advice. Most posts just skirt the issue. Perhaps it is moot and any size will work? I just don't know.

This surprises me because with the cost of gold it would be a swell way of avoiding the firescale AND achieve that marvelous gold contrast against the blues of plique a jou etc. Might be a good topic for an article if anyone here can speak with authority on the subject. Can you help? Any anecdotes you can share?

This is my first post and thank you for letting me participate.

Thank you in advance, Emo

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