Big rotting hold in my ring band

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TattooGurl wrote
on 30 Jan 2013 6:53 AM

I was hoping someone here would know why my rose gold ring is getting so damaged. Originally my grandmother baught the ring from Ben Moss so I know it's not cheap or fake but she didn't know my size and got the wrong size I tried wearing it for a few days but it was just to big so I took it to get sized. I got it back a few days later and put it on. 

I was only wearing it for a few days when I noticed a small reddishblack like spot on the inside of the band wear the weld  line would be from the resizing.  I took it back and they looked baffled as to why there would be that much discoloration in just a few days.  So they kept it a few days they wanted there jeweler to take a look at it.

They called me back a few days later and said it was fixed I picked it up saw it looked fine other then the band looked a little thinner like they just buffed it away and put it on I wore it for one day and noticed the spot back. I took it in again they did the same thing. Again called me back in a few days said it was all fixed. So of course I put it on my finger again and sure enough the damn reddishblack spot came back.

So I took it back again this time the sent it away to there head office in Vancouver BC it was there for two weeks they said that the jeweler took the damaged shake out and put in a new one so I had ever reason to trust them.  So I put it on not ever 4 hours later the spot was back. Now by this time I've had the ring 6 months and have had like 2 days of wear time. So I said F it I'll just live with the little dark spot it;son the inside of the band no one can see it.

That seemed to work for a while but now that spot is becoming a hole it like something took a bite out of it and I'm learey to take it back for a 5th time I have a life time warranty on it but I've had it since June and it's this damaged.

I know how to care for my jewelery I check it all the time for lose stones and clean it often I never wear it when using creams or when I'm cleaning and when I'm not wearing it I keep it in zip lock bags to keep the air off from oxidizing it.  Tho that's mostly for silver and at any given time I will have 4 to 5 gold rings on my fingers ever since I was old enough to be trusted with expensive jewelry so about 16. I know my stuff but this one ring has me baffled.

Oh and one last thing I cant wear silver for more then a few hours at a time I oxidize it so bad that I don't just turn the finish black I erode the surface. I can get away with bracelets, earrings and necklaces but rings if worn full time will fall apart in a week.

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caseysharpe wrote
on 9 Mar 2013 3:51 PM

Do you have a photo of the damage?  Might help in figuring out what the problem is.  It's possible that your body is reacting to the solder, maybe?  If the original ring was cast, the solder could be a different alloy than the cast material, which might be why you have a problem with it.

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mirkaba wrote
on 10 Mar 2013 11:34 AM

Howdy......There is probably something in your skin that the metal is reacting to. Sterling Silver is a Silver and Copper alloy. If the Silver appears to be oxidizing it is more than likely the Copper reacting to something in your body chemistry. Rose Gold is also alloyed with copper and I am guessing you may have to live with yellow Gold. Also where the band was brazed the copper tends to be pulled to the surface and would be more likely to react faster. I know several people that affect jewelry in this way it is not all that uncommon.

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TattooGurl wrote
on 12 Mar 2013 4:03 AM

It's not the whole ring it's one spot about 2mm wide by 3mm tall, none of the rest of the band is damaged and it's one of half a dozen rose gold pieces that I have it's my favorite colour of gold I also have a bunch of yellow and white I even have one in green gold it's a small wedding band from 1939 and in all my collection and the fact I have had pretty close to every one of my rings sized up and down this has never happened before. I did once snap the back of a rose gold ring but it was a rather thin band to start with. I know I rot silver even if it's rhodiem plated I know it's the PH balance in my skin and I own that this is any I always wear gold now. The ring was bought at Ben Moss which is a huge chain and I have a warranty so after so much crap they did replace it and the issue hasn't happened with the replacement. I'm just scared it's going to happen to something else I don't have a warranty for.  I'm a little obsessed with buying vintage jewelry off eBay.

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