Is there a place to buy linked Gemstone baskets for necklace?

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jkess114 wrote
on 20 Dec 2012 5:04 PM

I am wondering if You can buy baskets pre linked or not. If not, I would very much like to learn to how link baskets so they can swivel some.


Thanks to all!





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BogIron wrote
on 21 Dec 2012 5:33 PM

I don't think the necklace you have pictured is an off the shelf item but rather a hand fabricated custom necklace, very good taste you have in jewelry. To learn how to make that I would suggest a class or two at the Revere Academy of Jewelry with Alan Revere in San Francisco, CA, best wishes in furthering your jewelry making education.

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nimfalee wrote
on 11 Feb 2013 10:54 AM

I guess, they are available individually, I are you planning to do the same?

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lkllb2 wrote
on 11 Feb 2013 8:48 PM

Hi There are a few places that are my "go to" for settings.


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