Flat Cab machine - 6 or 8 inch models

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lewisbennett wrote
on 8 Dec 2012 7:12 PM

 I want to make micro-mosaic pendants using glass stringers.  To do this, I will need a flat lap grinder machine to grind down the stringers once glued into the bezel.

I have read some reviews about  one brand in particular which seems to get "slammed"  almost all of the time.

What do the community members suggest as a very good brand (under $600), either 6" or 8"?  Also, I have noted there are flat and slanted styles - any opinions.

Thank you for any advice you offer!

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BogIron wrote
on 12 Dec 2012 5:41 PM

Sometimes it is hard to get a straight answer about the flat laps but I know one older gentleman that  has one of the eight inch units and he makes some very nice cabochons on it and likes the unit very much. He does have a separate trim saw so he doesn't need to take the unit apart to cut slabs for new cabochons. I guess it all depends on what you start making cabochons on as to what you like.

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