How do I get the blackest black under resin?

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on 20 Sep 2012 10:53 AM

Hi all!

I am currently using an inkjet printer with advanced photo paper to print a black background w/ white text.  I am sealing w/ Mod Podge.  After layering Ice Resin, my black looks faded, not crisp color.  I then had it printed at a photo lab...better qaulity black, but still doesn't come out bright after resin.

Any suggestions?  Someone mentioned to print from a laser printer.  The only issue is that you can't print on glossy photo paper w/ a laser jet.

Thanks so much!!



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jlong2 wrote
on 5 Nov 2012 9:54 AM

Check out Jen Cushman's book -Explore, Create, Resinate - page 42. She says to encase the image between clear packing tape - make a sandwich with your image, sealing both the front and back. Cut around image with scissors, leaving the tiniest of sealed image to ensure resin doesn't seep between the tape.


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