Free Jewelry Patterns: Ideas and Tutorials Inspired by Fall

Don’t you love it when Mother Nature flips the switch and suddenly, happily, it’s fall? The air gets crisp and the sky gets bluer, perfectly showing off the leaves as they start to turn. Is anything more symbolic of autumn than that? Capture those symbols of autumn in beautiful fall jewelry with our free tutorial.

"Fall always makes me think of trees and leaves, so here are three designs sure to bring thoughts of rich color, trees, raking leaves, and brisk walks in the woods to your studio," writes Helen Driggs, senior editor of Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist magazine, who compiled this eBook with a selection of projects "sure to please everyone, featuring tree and leaf designs, rich color, and several techniques to stretch your metalworking skills."

If you want to try your hand at soldering jewelry, or perhaps enhance your skill with a new stone setting technique, now’s your chance. Earthy colors will make these handcrafted necklaces perfect all through the cold conditions.

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Discover new jewelry design ideas for fall

Learn about saw piercing metal jewelry with this free tutorial!

You’ll use your skills with metal stamping, bezel setting, fabrication and more!

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DIY Fossil Pendant

Fossil Fern Pendant by Lexi Erickson

You’ll practice fabrication, soldering, and bezel-setting skills with this project and learn the value of repeating a stone’s features in the surrounding metal design. "The Native Americans speak a truism: ‘The piece will be what it wants to be.’ So was my experience with this lovely fossil specimen of what I think is a Neuro Pteridaceae Alethopteris fern, cut by one of my favorite cutters, Gary B. Wilson," Lexi says. You can add even more fall flair to your own design by choosing rich fall colors and imprinting leaves on the metal like Lexi did with ferns.

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DIY Metal Clay Necklace

Metal Clay Leaves by Hadar Jacobson


Can anything capture the beauty of autumn leaves in metal better than a pile of multicolor leaves? You’ll capitalize on the malleability and dreamy texture-taking qualities of metal clay to make realistic metal clay leaves that you can then turn into a necklace and/or matching earrings. "The metal clay leaves in these earrings and necklace were not made using natural leaves," Hadar shares. "They employ a technique that I’ve borrowed from Charles Lewton-Brain’s book, Foldforming. Instead of starting with a piece of sheet metal, they start with a layer of metal clay." You’ll also learn about firing copper, bronze, and silver metal clay in Hadar’s project.

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How to Make a Pendant

Moonlit Landscape Pin/Pendant by Noël Yovovich


Another thing to love about autumn: the big, bright harvest moons. I love the moonstone representing the moon in this piece, but I particularly adore the gold ball "stars" on the darkened silver "sky." This piece could double as autumn and winter jewelry and has always been one of my favorites. You’ll practice fabrication and sawing, soldering, bezel setting and stringing skills in this project. "Moonlight has always held a special magic for human beings," Noël says, "and moonstone shares that quality of mystic attraction. So it is only natural to use the subtle glow of moonstone to draw the eye into a nighttime landscape." This piece also captures the feel of a popular autumn holiday, Halloween, in an elegant way.

Download this tutorial to find new ideas for autumn-inpired jewelry.

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