3 Free Epoxy Clay Jewelry Projects with Crystals, Stones & More

Epoxy clay is a fun and relatively new jewelry making material that’s so easy to work with! It is known for its adhesive superpowers that allow you to set stones in it or adhere stones to metal (or even metal to metal) with no heat, no messy glues—just mix, press and cure. And you can learn all about epoxy clay and how to make epoxy clay jewelry in our free tutorial. Known under other brand names (such as Crystal Clay), it is simply a two-part adhesive clay that comes in a variety of colors as well as black and white. It air-cures in a matter of hours, allowing you to make dimensional epoxy clay jewelry today and wear it tonight.
As you’ll learn, the medium couldn’t be easier to use—you simply mix equal parts of the resin clay and the hardener until they’re well blended (a full two minutes, or it won’t cure properly), and then let your imagination run wild. Embed stones and crystals in it, sculpt shapes and bling them up, or set stones inside bezels and on other metalwork.
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Learn how to make clay jewelry with epoxy clay techniques.
Learn how to make clay jewelry with epoxy clay techniques.

Epoxy clay jewelry is great for both beginners and advanced jewelry makers.

Imagine all the ways you can modify epoxy jewelry projects to make truly special and one-of-a-kind jewelry: make a mother’s or grandmother’s charm necklace using birthstone crystals and a heart or flower resin clay charm; make a sentimental charm necklace using crystals and a resin clay charm. You’ll also learn about so many jewelry-making materials and techniques (resin, bezels, textured metal sheets, crystals, and more) that you can use again and again in all of your epoxy jewelry projects.

How to make a clay ring with epoxy clay free project!

How to Make a Ring with Epoxy Clay

Crystal Ring by Becky Nunn

In a stylish pre-made ring bezel, you can use two-part epoxy clay to "set" a brass flower component and a dome of sparkling crystals to make a super quick, super pretty cocktail ring that’s high on the girly bling and low in cost and time! This ring will cure just about as fast as the pretty manicure you’re going to want to go with it.

Learn how to create a cocktail DIY ring with epoxy clay!

DIY Cocktail Ring

Red Chaton Ring by Becky Nunn
This bold cocktail ring project opens up new ideas and possibilities for using colored epoxy clay to "set" a dome of deep, rich red crystal chatons. Once you’ve learned to make the basic ring, you can experiment–use white epoxy clay and pearly beads for a sweet or bridal look, black epoxy clay with black crystals for a moody goth look, or pastel colors with a variety of pink, blue, yellow, and green crystals for a fun confetti party look—the list goes on and on!

Learn how to make drop earrings with epoxy clay!

How to Make Drop Earrings with Epoxy Clay

Heart Dangle Earrings by Becky Nunn
These pretty earrings are an example of a completely different way to use epoxy clay. While the two ring projects above allow you to "set" stones in the clay for a domed cocktail ring look, this project shows off the medium’s adhesive super powers to adhere a metal flower "bezel" onto a metal jewelry finding (a heart) and then adhere a crystal inside the flower–no heat, no solder, no torch, even no rivets required! It’s the ultimate easy stone-setting and cold connection, and it couldn’t be easier.

This free jewelry making tutorial makes using epoxy clay so easy, so start making clay jewelry today!

For a last-minute gift, something fun and new to brighten up a tired outfit, or just an easy way to use stones and crystals in your jewelry designs, this medium is the remarkably easy and fun choice.