Project Accessory-Inspired Jewelry Make-Along


Watch this spot to see what Swarovski crystal jewelry I make this week!

November 3: Swarovski-Inspired Shoes
This week those lucky designers were given free reign in a Swarovski Crystallized store, where they were allowed to pick jewelry to inspire their shoe creations and Swarovski crystals with which to make the shoes and a piece of jewelry. Blingtastic!

I'd love to see your blinged-out creations. Take the challenge with us and post photos of your Swarovski crystal jewelry (and shoes, if you're so inclined!) in the Make-Along Gallery!

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Sample Jewelry-Making Projects:
Crystal Cuff Bracelet by Nancy Zellers
Crystal Swirl Cluster Ring by Linda "Sorcie" Smith
Crystal Veil Necklace by Ruby Bayan

Super-Sized Glam Bracelet by Jennifer Judd-Velasquez

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My trash-to-treasure necklace made from weathered pieces of seashell and some chain salvaged from a vintage necklace.


October 27: Trash-to-Treasure Jewelry 
What a dream! To be given such a huge warehouse of peculiar junk to pillage for jewelry-making supplies. Fun! So dig through your junk drawer, recycle bin, scary closet, and anywhere else you have good junk and take this found-object jewelry challenge with us.

Show us your best trash-to-treasure mixed-media jewelry by posting pics of your creations in the Make-Along Member Gallery!

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Sample Jewelry-Making Projects:
Found Object Charm Bracelet by Katie Hacker
Ancient Finds Coin Earrings by Denise Peck
Antique Shoe Buckle Bracelet by Marilyn T. Aronson
Sassy Sisters Scrapbook Bracelet by Jean Campbell
Remixed Media Bracelet by Connie Fox

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