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  • Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist, January/February 2015

    Think outside the box in the January/February issue of Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist with designer Marilyn Mack as she shows you how to combine a variety of stones and metals into a stunning piece. Follow the step by step tutorial filled with tips and tricks as you make her gorgeous chrysocolla pendant. Having fun combining new materials? Take a look at the innovative new designs from students at the German center of jewelry and gem design who do more than think outside the box - they abandon it all together.

    If you feel like sticking to the fundamentals, learn basic techniques and tools with Senior Editor Helen Driggs as she presents tips and tricks to create the perfect custom ring ­- even where to get the best tools for the job. For a fundamental lesson that results in a breathtaking necklace, the Thunder Bay Amethyst Pendant utilizes 3 basic settings that shows off 3 versions of February's birthstone, combining a rare stone with more readily available materials.

    With all of these enticing projects, how does one find time to make them all? Cathleen McCarthy gives us smart ways to allocate hours and make time for jewelry making. Whether for fun or for profit, her examination of work habits and productivity helps you considers ways to maximize creative time. Learn how to prioritize and rethink multitasking so you can work smarter, not harder.

    Also in this issue is the Annual Buyers' Directory filled with everything you need for jewelry-making supplies, tools, gemstones, and more.

  • Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist, November 2014

    Favorite Tools for Jewelry Making! Discover the pros' favorite tools and what they love about them - and find more great tools for wirework, sawing, soldering, etching, pattern transferring, and more! Plus learn to use a new stamping tool and how to make a big splash quickly and inexpensively when you create a bib necklace using precut disks of a lightweight, silver-colored new metal, and then add text like names, inspirational thoughts, and more with easy-to-use letter stamps.  

    Also in the November issue:  
    Explore color as you create confetti-like patterns on niobium earrings
    Discover the lovely "waterlily" sapphire and an updated Old Mine cut for it
    Add fusing silver to your skill set and make a link bracelet bursting with texture
    Learn Faberge's special technique for brilliant enamels in a pendant project
    Satisfy your holiday customers by making sure you deliver their gifts on time  

  • Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist, August 2014

    Nothing adds color and interest to a piece of jewelry like a perfectly set, expertly cut cabochon that exhibits wonderful color and striking patterns. Discover the intrinsic beauty in blue and green azurite malachite and learn all the dos and don'ts for using this unique stone in jewelry. Then see how fabulous it looks set in silver and follow along as Lexi Erickson show you how to desing around a free-form stone for a one-of-a-kind pendant. Learn to use pliers and flat wire for the partial bezel and create your own decoratively balled and traditional prongs for the setting.

    Prefer a warmer palette? Try the brilliantly streaked orange, yellow, and black "bumblebee jasper" and learn all the dos and don'ts for using these unique stones. Then Lexi Erickson shows you how to design around and set cabs into a pendant and pair of earrings. But don't miss how amazing some of the Ethiopian opal from Welo looks faceted, even though opal is almost alway cut en cabochon!

    For a more understated piece, join Roger Halas in forming a simple copper cuff bracelet and see how he adds interest to it with carefully placed silver wire rivets and precision letter stamping.

  • Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist, July 2014

    Save time and effort by using metal that is already cut or patterned for you: see what's new in metal stock including precut blanks, textured sheet and strip, patterned wire - even engraved disks.  

    Put your jewelry selling efforts where they're going to pay off more and more by making your online site easy to use on the fastest growing market segment of mobile. Find fast and simple ways to make your site tablet- and smartphone-friendly now. Don't miss out on any more sales: do it right away!  

    Learn basic bezel setting as you make a jasper pendant with decorative gallery wire, and learn to cut a basic jasper cabochon yourself. Create a 3D effect in silver and copper metal clays when you create a shadowbox pendant.  

    Go beyond basic and challenge yourself as you create a soaring phoenix in silver and brass and set with carved and faceted gems: practice your sawing, stamping, soldering and setting, plus see how to carve a piece of tigereye and cast a setting for any carved stone.  

    Plus find edgy amber jewelry designs, amazing golden artifacts from the ancient Andeans, soldering tips, answers to your technical questions, and more!

  • Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist, May/June 2014

    Keep growing!

    There are more opportunities than ever today to expand and refine your jewelry making skill set, and our in-depth feature profiling five successful artists and the paths they took to get there will help you decide what kind of jewelry education is right for you. Then consult our comprehensive online directory of jewelry arts schools, programs, and classes to find the perfect environment for you.

    Discover the newest group of Fretz hammers and stakes just out on the market and explore their potential as master goldsmith and jewelry and tool designer Bill Fretz shows you to make a fluted bangle with them -- and how this design evolves from earlier designs Bill shared with Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist readers recently.

    Wouldn't it be great to see your jewelry designs on film and TV stars -- and wouldn't that help you increase your jewelry sales? Sure you'd love to see that and of course that could help boost your sales dramatically. Find out how to make it happen and then get the most out of your product placement now!

    Plus, discover what really fine faceting is and who has those gems for sale, see how to create a spectacular special effect in stone, learn how to set an elongated focal with a cap and solder inlay, and see some of the coolest new tools displayed at the Tucson shows this year.

    Then stretch and enter the Gemmy Awards -- Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist's brand-new competition -- for a chance to be showcased with the best in jewelry, other metalwork, and gems. Learn more at

  • Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist, September/October 2013

    Become the best jewelry designer you can be! The special Design issue will guide you in the use of color in design, introduce you to a brand-new colorful gem, and show you the latest in jewelry using such alternative materials as leather, plastic, paper, and wood, with tips from the pros on how they do it and a dynamic leather, stone and metal cuff project. Create a gemstone ring with a specially developed hinge that makes it more wearable, plus learn to draw down tubing – a key technique in creating custom hinges, and even how to make the equipment necessary for it. Make an easy copper or silver cuff with a sophisticated stamped design. Then discover how a mentor or coach can help you develop your own designs, or turn your jewelry hobby into a business!
  • Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist, August 2013

    Check out responses to our first 5 Tool Challenge for metalsmiths, then stretch your skills by trying the next one yourself. If you love unusual stones, read up on exotic maw-sit-sit, a beautiful bright green and black gemstone. For something less rare, take a trip to a fluorite mine, see how fluorite is cut into cabochons, and explore its use in beads. Learn advanced metal stamping techniques and see how to make simple, inexpensive equipment for lost wax casting. Create a statement ring and delicate floral earrings in silver. See the latest in artisan jewelry using the patterned metal known as mokumé gané. Find out what your customers are looking for and do it easily and at low cost, then be prepared at your next craft show with the seven secrets to better show sales. Plus news, products, tips, and more!

  • Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist, July 2013

    Create a setting for a delicately patterned dendritic opal cabochon or your favorite cabochon gem and put that set stone into a pendant or a cuff. See what makes Australia's Lightning Ridge justifiably famous as the source of the some of the world's most spectacular precious opals, and accent a gem intarsia pendant with a beautiful Lightning Ridge cab. Create colorful silver earrings using torch fired enamels and fold forming techniques to give your earrings strength without weight. Discover Washington State's great quartz crystals and jewelry points, new metalsmithing hand tools, jewelry making tips, and the world of easy-access high tech equipment. Make a cardboard model for a necklace and cast it in pewter. Learn how easily you can create a short video clip that is perfect for helping you sell your jewelry online. See how jewelry debuted at World's Fairs helped redefine modern design and how stamping and engraving jewelry with personalized touches is one of today's most popular trends.

  • Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist, May/June 2013

    Update a classic Southwest style silver and turquoise cuff with modernist overlay, learn the secret to easily placing the flat bezel back on the curved surface of the cuff, and see how to cut a turquoise cabochon. Visit Michigan's famous copper country and fashion a bead pendant out of natural copper in basalt cleverly lined with silver grommets. Create perfect tube or wire rivets. Discover how the revolutionary process of 3D printing is used now for jewelry model making and even directly printed alternative materials jewelry - plus see what's on the horizon for precious metal jewelry as well. Find out the latest in Italian design from the runways of the Vicenza jewelry trade fair. Plus studio and business planning tips for your jewelry making and more!

  • Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist, April 2013

    Don't miss out on the colorful world of enamel! Learn to work with enamels on metal sheet and add a touch of texture with raku firing, or add enamel to a silver and copper metal clay pendant. Looking for a really unusual gemstone? Find out how to prep and bezel set fossil ammonites as cabochons for a timeless pair of spiral earrings, or create a partial prong setting for a piece of freeform petrified wood. Learn what gives charoite its characteristic swirls of purple and its enchanting chatoyance, then set a free-form cab along with a round cab, faceted gem, and sparkling drusy in a luscious silver pendant with gold accents for a touch of richness without breaking the bank. Discover the newest agate source and the banded and blue material it produces, and see an expert demo of cutting a cabochon from some of the banded agate. Stay ahead of the fashion curve and find out why cuffs are hot. Then, with the right inventory, take advantage of free information Google offers that can help you hone and boost your online jewelry sales.  

  • Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist, January/February 2013

    It’s the combined Special Gem Issue and Annual Buyers’ Directory – new for 2013, suppliers listed in the directory who are Tucson show vendors are identified as such for your convenience. See the winner of the Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist 65th Anniversary Faceting Contest and find instructions to cut the design yourself.  Learn the ins and outs of great stone setting tools, then learn to gypsy set stones in a silver ring or create a custom setting with wire and prongs for a one-of-a-kind gem pendant with tube-set diamonds. See the amazing large-scale gem carvings of gem photographer Harold Van Pelt and jewelry size carvings of Naomi Sarna and Larry woods. Discover Margaret De Patta’s far-forward-looking jewelry from the past, and see how contemporary couture jewelers are incorporating this spring’s fashion colors. Plus, find some easy ways to promote your jewelry online using Instagrams.

  • Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist, September/October 2012

    Boost your jewelry design expertise: it's the annual Design Issue! See outstanding jewelry designs from three artists inspired by textiles, the work of a witty enamelist, wonderfully carved gems, fantasy-themed jewelry, and some of the overall best gem and jewelry designs produced over the last 65 years - and learn essential methods for finding and refining your own artistic vision. Set a free-form chrysoprase gem in an elegantly simple, Asian-inspired pendant, or create an elaborate tigereye collar from gem rough to finishing leather fringes. Learn to make a decorative magnetic clasp that can also be the focal of your necklace using metal clay - and tips for adapting this project to sheet. Find out what's available in diamond lapidary tools. Discover some of the best apps on the market for jewelry makers and sellers, and find great tips and answers to common and uncommon questions.

  • Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist, July 2012

    Come along for our test drive of new tools, and not just any new jewelry making tools but specialty hammers and stakes for forming metal, then use them to create a clever clip-top cuff with a formed torus or ring focal. Also see how to use these tools to make a sterling baby cup from one piece of silver and apply this technique to making a silver and pearl pendant with integrated bail. Discover the beauty and durability of gem dinosaur bone and the ease of using Damasteel, a ready-made Damascus steel stock - then use both in a sterling pendant with fossil ivory dangle. Dive into the world of loops, links, and chain and see what four jewelry artists do with them, then learn to make your own copper link bracelet and necklace using soldered silver/copper links. Plus news, tips, and inspiration from start to finish!

  • Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist March 2012


    Take advantage of Argetium Silver alongside Betsy Porter. Master this new sterling silver alloy and learn how to: anneal, make granules, fuse, polish, harden, and more!

    Use your new skills and tricks to create projects with step-by-step instructions that feature Argetium Silver: Use lightweight fused wire and granules to create a delicate pair of fanciful earrings and make a funky double band ring with a cool centerpiece using metal clay.

    Create your very own e-commerce site and learn how to stand out in a crowded online market.

    Discover surprising jewelry from the world of fine art in the article "Picasso to Koons: Art to Wear" by Cathleen McCarthy. Experience the beautiful jewelry made by the expected and unexpected artists including Yoko Ono, Frank Stella, Pablo Picasso, and more that were featured at New York's Museum of Arts and Design last year.

    Incorporate natural features from the mine in your next cabochon with a step-by-step cabbing demo!

  • Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist, January/February 2012

    Everyone loves opals! And we have three amazing kinds to tell you about including new precious blue opal and picture opals from Arizona!  

    Learn to cut a free-form opal and make a jazzy ring for it. Plus, learn tab setting as you make a copper and fossil coral pendant; learn bezel setting as you make a coquina pendant -- and learn all about this earthy, patterned stone, plus another graphic-patterned gem called Chinese writing stone.

    Master overlay soldering as you create a multi-gem pendant with partial bezels. Plus, discover the most frequently asked soldering questions, and have them answered by soldering pro Lexi Erickson!

    Discover designer gem sets that play the sparkle of faceted stones off the natural textures of cabochon gems. Find great tips for getting the most from your facet rough by learning when and where to saw it into smaller pieces, and revisit the Swirl Step Cut, now updated with the help of GemCad.

    And find all the tools, supplies, and services you need for jewelry making, gem cutting, selling your jewelry and gems in the Annual Buyers’ Directory inside this issue!