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  • Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist, November 2014

    Favorite Tools for Jewelry Making! Discover the pros' favorite tools and what they love about them - and find more great tools for wirework, sawing, soldering, etching, pattern transferring, and more! Plus learn to use a new stamping tool and how to make a big splash quickly and inexpensively when you create a bib necklace using precut disks of a lightweight, silver-colored new metal, and then add text like names, inspirational thoughts, and more with easy-to-use letter stamps.  

    Also in the November issue:  
    Explore color as you create confetti-like patterns on niobium earrings
    Discover the lovely "waterlily" sapphire and an updated Old Mine cut for it
    Add fusing silver to your skill set and make a link bracelet bursting with texture
    Learn Faberge's special technique for brilliant enamels in a pendant project
    Satisfy your holiday customers by making sure you deliver their gifts on time  

  • Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist, September/October 2014

    See how easy it is to cut, shape, and connect brightly colored acrylic sheet using the jewelry tools you already have as you from the piece for fashionable rings. Then simply connect the acrylic and silver with rivets, and you're good to go. Plus learn to fabricate a stunning agate pendant with tube-set diamond accent from start to finish, create a trendy archer's thumg ring, and take a look at some of the innovative and create ways jewelry designers are using photography in their jewelry.

    PLUS: Find super tips from soldering to chasing and repousse; make sure you deliver holiday orders to your customers on time; discover the 5 megathemes in fashionfor 2015 by trendsetter Swarovski; add to your gem cutting skill set with advice on cutting free forms and carving a stone's top; explore the latest enameling options from liquid enamels to new colors to tools, tips, and more!

  • Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist, August 2014

    Nothing adds color and interest to a piece of jewelry like a perfectly set, expertly cut cabochon that exhibits wonderful color and striking patterns. Discover the intrinsic beauty in blue and green azurite malachite and learn all the dos and don'ts for using this unique stone in jewelry. Then see how fabulous it looks set in silver and follow along as Lexi Erickson show you how to desing around a free-form stone for a one-of-a-kind pendant. Learn to use pliers and flat wire for the partial bezel and create your own decoratively balled and traditional prongs for the setting.

    Prefer a warmer palette? Try the brilliantly streaked orange, yellow, and black "bumblebee jasper" and learn all the dos and don'ts for using these unique stones. Then Lexi Erickson shows you how to design around and set cabs into a pendant and pair of earrings. But don't miss how amazing some of the Ethiopian opal from Welo looks faceted, even though opal is almost alway cut en cabochon!

    For a more understated piece, join Roger Halas in forming a simple copper cuff bracelet and see how he adds interest to it with carefully placed silver wire rivets and precision letter stamping.

  • Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist, July 2014

    Save time and effort by using metal that is already cut or patterned for you: see what's new in metal stock including precut blanks, textured sheet and strip, patterned wire - even engraved disks.  

    Put your jewelry selling efforts where they're going to pay off more and more by making your online site easy to use on the fastest growing market segment of mobile. Find fast and simple ways to make your site tablet- and smartphone-friendly now. Don't miss out on any more sales: do it right away!  

    Learn basic bezel setting as you make a jasper pendant with decorative gallery wire, and learn to cut a basic jasper cabochon yourself. Create a 3D effect in silver and copper metal clays when you create a shadowbox pendant.  

    Go beyond basic and challenge yourself as you create a soaring phoenix in silver and brass and set with carved and faceted gems: practice your sawing, stamping, soldering and setting, plus see how to carve a piece of tigereye and cast a setting for any carved stone.  

    Plus find edgy amber jewelry designs, amazing golden artifacts from the ancient Andeans, soldering tips, answers to your technical questions, and more!

  • Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist, May/June 2014

    Keep growing!

    There are more opportunities than ever today to expand and refine your jewelry making skill set, and our in-depth feature profiling five successful artists and the paths they took to get there will help you decide what kind of jewelry education is right for you. Then consult our comprehensive online directory of jewelry arts schools, programs, and classes to find the perfect environment for you.

    Discover the newest group of Fretz hammers and stakes just out on the market and explore their potential as master goldsmith and jewelry and tool designer Bill Fretz shows you to make a fluted bangle with them -- and how this design evolves from earlier designs Bill shared with Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist readers recently.

    Wouldn't it be great to see your jewelry designs on film and TV stars -- and wouldn't that help you increase your jewelry sales? Sure you'd love to see that and of course that could help boost your sales dramatically. Find out how to make it happen and then get the most out of your product placement now!

    Plus, discover what really fine faceting is and who has those gems for sale, see how to create a spectacular special effect in stone, learn how to set an elongated focal with a cap and solder inlay, and see some of the coolest new tools displayed at the Tucson shows this year.

    Then stretch and enter the Gemmy Awards -- Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist's brand-new competition -- for a chance to be showcased with the best in jewelry, other metalwork, and gems. Learn more at

  • Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist, April 2014

    Black is back! See what top designers are doing with black in their jewelry and discover how to get a perfect black patina on your sterling silver. For more drama, suspend your next stones for hanging earrings using a saddle setting, which leaves most of the gem visible for maximum impact. Or, create a classic three-stone, Navajo-style silver cuff with turquoise cabochons for a different kind of jewelry with real visual impact.

    Working with pewter as an inexpensive alternative to silver sometimes? Now you can cast it, too: see how as you make pewter and silver pin. Plus, if you're into casting, you won't want to miss the 36 tips, tools, and techniques we've pulled together on carving wax models for casting.

    Also discover five new tools with interesting finishing applications, a favorite soldering torch, great things you can accomplish with scrap leather in the metalsmithing studio, the advantages of Wyoming jade and ocean jasper, how to harness the power of Pinterest in your jewelry sales. Plus: find out about our latest contest, the new Gemmy Awards!

  • Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist, March 2014

    Find out what else some basic jewelry making tools can do besides the basics and what tools and equipment jewelry experts prefer to use for soldering.

    Discover the traditional Korean technique of keum boo, in which you apply very small pieces of gold foil to silver or another metal to give the whole a rich look at an economical price - plus learn to roll your own gold foil! Then make ever so tactile keum boo earrings, and a touch of keum boo to a pendant that features the glimmering blue gemstone called kyanite and a deeply colored freshwater pearl - and learn all about kyanite and see what other contemporary designers are doing with today's pearls.

    Create a dimensional wavy bangle bracelet using anticlastic raising techniques with basic jewelry making tools and apply a colorful patina inside the curl of the wave. Promote yourself in your local market by selling at trunk shows and loaning out pieces to high-profile figures who will wear your work to their work. Plus tips on buying and cutting Guatemalan jadeite, answers to your questions, a design challenge, new products, and the annual index to past projects, feature articles, and columns.

  • Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist, January/February 2014

    Get the most out of your gemstones with unique settings! Create a dazzling heart ornament with glittering red goldstone, flowing sterling silver ribbons, and gold-colored drusy accents for a sparkling ladies' bolo, also suitable for any slide or pendant. Set the heart-shaped cabochon in a special partial bezel, the accents and bolo tips in traditional bezels. Make a kinetic bracelet by forming a channeled brass bangle, place round onyx beads inside it, then close up the opening just enough to keep the beads from escaping and watch them roll back and forth – and learn to use the latest Fretz hammers and stakes at the same time. Use a dramatic marquise-shaped agate as the focal of a tiered cuff with progressively sized additional stones.
    Also, learn about a newly discovered agate from Mexico and see what Europe's most talented gem cutters are up to, favorite multi-use tools of our favorite tool junkie, Helen Driggs, what our experts use for soldering, and how you can create your own website easily with Wordpress.
    Includes the Annual Buyers' Directory with gem and jewelry making products and services, suppliers, and where to find suppliers at home, online, and at the Tucson shows.
  • Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist, December 2013

    Improve your soldering with this special jewelry soldering section! You'll find the latest on portable torches that can also be easily used at home, learn to create more than one solder join on a piece without melting the previous one as you create a lovely filigree silver bead, see what kind of soldering setup Soldering Queen Lexi Erickson uses, and make a rugged ring with textured silver shank and stone set on stone.
    Make soldered silver and leather earrings with metal sheet, or make them without soldering using metal clay. Find expert help, new products on the market, and learn about Jewelspan: the latest in ecommerce dedicated to your craft!
    Then explore sources of amethyst from a visit to Arizona's famous Four Peaks to Brazil's mega-producing state of Rio Grande do Sul and see how fabulous a piece of Bahian amethyst looks faceted in an improved trillion cut. And top it off with a breathtaking look at the astonishing and idiosyncratic jewelry designs of JAR, now on exhibit at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art.
  • Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist, November 2013

    Go beyond the standards in this special Tool Issue and discover the favorite soldering torches, fuels, and more of three experienced jewelers, the first in a new series of featured soldering setups. Find out which 5 electric gadgets Senior Editor Helen Driggs adores, what computer-aided design can do for you and where you can try it out for free, and take our next 5 Tool Challenge. Learn to make an elegant sterling cuff with two heavy gauge wires twisted in sync. Create a pendant with a natural-surface yellow apatite set with a custom cast silver wire and a bezel-set blue apatite cabochon – cut the stones yourself or purchase gems of your choice. Make a flower-like silver pendant with a center stone that will teach you ways to add dimension to your designs. Plus, discover tips for making jewelry with found objects and explore a new online marketplace!
  • Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist, January/February 2012

    Everyone loves opals! And we have three amazing kinds to tell you about including new precious blue opal and picture opals from Arizona!  

    Learn to cut a free-form opal and make a jazzy ring for it. Plus, learn tab setting as you make a copper and fossil coral pendant; learn bezel setting as you make a coquina pendant -- and learn all about this earthy, patterned stone, plus another graphic-patterned gem called Chinese writing stone.

    Master overlay soldering as you create a multi-gem pendant with partial bezels. Plus, discover the most frequently asked soldering questions, and have them answered by soldering pro Lexi Erickson!

    Discover designer gem sets that play the sparkle of faceted stones off the natural textures of cabochon gems. Find great tips for getting the most from your facet rough by learning when and where to saw it into smaller pieces, and revisit the Swirl Step Cut, now updated with the help of GemCad.

    And find all the tools, supplies, and services you need for jewelry making, gem cutting, selling your jewelry and gems in the Annual Buyers’ Directory inside this issue!


  • Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist, December 2011

    Learn how to set gems in new fascinating ways and practice your skills by creating stunning designs with the December issue of Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist.

    Prepare for the holidays with 5 projects that are perfect for gift giving! Learn how to make easy yet sophisticated holiday-tree earrings, create a sparkling crystal cross pendant using a pastel quartz gemstone, use a classic spring mechanism to create pretty pins, and more!

  • Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist, November 2011

    Create your perfect workspace and with easy ways to keep your favorite tools at hand in the November issue of Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist. Go inside the studio of noted goldsmith Michael David Sturlin for expert tips and tricks to arrange your tools, storage areas, and work surfaces.  

    Learn the 12 basic files that allow you to finish jewelry with finesse!

  • Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist, September/October 2011

    Score! The September/October issue is the Special Jewelry Design Issue. With this issue you'll have the opportunity to discover 5 artists and their signature styles. Plus, you'll be able to add some more experience to your jewelry making resume with their special tools and remarkable techniques.

  • Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist, August 2011

    The August issue of Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist will help you start designing outside your box with tips for a successful partnership. Create resin jewelry with demos for earrings and pendants. Take a look at Topaz with expert dos and don'ts. PLUS . . . Learn one of the most important tricks-how to fix your soldering mistakes!