TAGS: Jewelry Design

  • Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist, January/February 2013

    It’s the combined Special Gem Issue and Annual Buyers’ Directory – new for 2013, suppliers listed in the directory who are Tucson show vendors are identified as such for your convenience. See the winner of the Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist 65th Anniversary Faceting Contest and find instructions to cut the design yourself.  Learn the ins and outs of great stone setting tools, then learn to gypsy set stones in a silver ring or create a custom setting with wire and prongs for a one-of-a-kind gem pendant with tube-set diamonds. See the amazing large-scale gem carvings of gem photographer Harold Van Pelt and jewelry size carvings of Naomi Sarna and Larry woods. Discover Margaret De Patta’s far-forward-looking jewelry from the past, and see how contemporary couture jewelers are incorporating this spring’s fashion colors. Plus, find some easy ways to promote your jewelry online using Instagrams.

  • Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist January/February 2011

    Discover the world of designer gems, fabulous one-of-a-kind cuts and unusual materials that can make your custom jewelry stand out: find gem designers, learn what to look for when you buy, and what setting skills you’ll need to set these outstanding stones. Learn basic gem carving and stone polishing using the jeweler’s mainstay equipment, the flex shaft, and see what new products are on the market for stone cutting.