Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist, January/February 2014

Get the most out of your gemstones with unique settings! Create a dazzling heart ornament with glittering red goldstone, flowing sterling silver ribbons, and gold-colored drusy accents for a sparkling ladies' bolo, also suitable for any slide or pendant. Set the heart-shaped cabochon in a special partial bezel, the accents and bolo tips in traditional bezels. Make a kinetic bracelet by forming a channeled brass bangle, place round onyx beads inside it, then close up the opening just enough to keep the beads from escaping and watch them roll back and forth – and learn to use the latest Fretz hammers and stakes at the same time. Use a dramatic marquise-shaped agate as the focal of a tiered cuff with progressively sized additional stones.
Also, learn about a newly discovered agate from Mexico and see what Europe's most talented gem cutters are up to, favorite multi-use tools of our favorite tool junkie, Helen Driggs, what our experts use for soldering, and how you can create your own website easily with Wordpress.
Includes the Annual Buyers' Directory with gem and jewelry making products and services, suppliers, and where to find suppliers at home, online, and at the Tucson shows.



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Lexi Erickson's Sterling and Goldstone Ladies' Bolo.

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Lapidary Journal - Jewelry Artist

January/February 2014
Volume 67, Number 8

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Print Features


My Turn
from the Editor
Slide Over, Boys


Your Turn
Design Challenge & Letters


Their Turn
A Gallery of This Issue’s Contributors


Net Profits: A Wordpress Website
by Cathleen McCarthy
more online at netprofits



Cool Tools & Hip Tips: Bench Tools for Setters, Carvers and More
by Helen I. Driggs

18 Smokin' Stones: Jessite
by Sharon Elaine Thompson
20 Sterling and Jessite Cuff
gem/jewelry project by John F. Heusler, G.G.



Sterling and Goldstone Ladies' Bolo
jewelry project by Lexi Erickson


Bolos on the Move
design by Sharon Elaine Thompson



40 Trends: Carved Gems from Idar
by Deborah Yonick
46 3D Brass Bangle with Onyx Beads
jewelry project by Bill Fretz

Soldering Setup
Tom and Kay Benham


News & Product Innovations


Ask the Experts
by Tom & Kay Benham

Annual Buyers' Directory


88 The Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist
Doer's Profile: John Hatleberg


75 Advertisers’ Index
76 Classifieds
77 Gem & Jewelry Shops
78 Jewelry Classes

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