Look What Wire Can Do: Make Quick & Easy Wire and Ribbon Earrings

5 Jun 2013

It always seems easier to tackle a project (jewelry-making or any kind) if you can break it down into simple, manageable parts. The more I look at jewelry-making projects this way, the more I find myself breaking the designs down into their components, too, and I'm continually surprised by how many projects can be broken down into basic wire components.

These realizations help me remember how versatile wire is and, at the other end of the process, challenge me to think about how far I can stretch wire in my own jewelry making endeavors, to expand it into more than "just wire." There's a lot of potential in a spool of wire! Just like a great chef can make a great dish using simple, basic ingredients, a great jewelry designer can do the same with simple, basic materials. In this case, Lorelei Eurto made these pretty earrings with simple materials. Other than two channel beads and some ribbon, every other part of these pretty earrings is wire: ear wires, wire jump rings, and wire wrapped around the ribbon to secure it in place. Here's how she made them.

Ribbon Spool Earrings
by Lorelei Eurto for Nunn Design's Innovation Team


2 small 1/4" x 5/16" x 1/8" silver finish Nunn Design channel beads
2 silver finish 17mm Nunn Design Grande Rope split jump rings
6 inches silk ribbon
8" silver finish 20-gauge Artist Wire
flush cutters
flat-nose pliers. 



1. Cut the ribbon into two pieces, each 3" long, using scissors.

2. Cut the wire into two pieces, each 4" long, using flush cutters.

3. Wrap the ribbon around a channel bead tightly. 

4. Holding the ribbon and one end of a piece of wire at the base of the spool bead...
...wrap the wire around the ribbon tightly, overlapping the tail of the wire.

5. Trim excess wire with flush cutters.

6. Trim ribbon with scissors to desired length.

7. Open a rope jump ring and thread the channel bead onto the ring. Close tightly.

8. Repeat steps 3-7 for the second earring. Attach an ear wire to each jump ring.

It couldn't be faster or easier, and there's a lot of opportunity for personalization here. Use any color you like, of course, but you can also mix multiple colors and types of ribbon, maybe include some short lengths of chain or even feathers.

For more quick and easy jewelry-making projects using wire, grab Easy Wire 2013 in digital form or order the print version. In it you'll find dozens of stylish jewelry-making projects that use wire and wirework techniques from Lorelei and other industry favorites like Cassie Donlen, Lori Anderson, Michelle Mach, and Jodi Bombardier.

ear wires, channel beads, jump rings: NunnDesign.com
Artist Wire: Michaels

About the designer:
Lorelei Eurto works as a full-time jewelry designer out of her home studio in New York. She has been creating handmade beaded and wire jewelry for the past six years. See more of Lorelei's jewelry at Lorelei1141.etsy.com and visit her blog at Lorelei1141.blogspot.com.

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