8 Ways to Set Stones with Jewelry Making Daily: Bezel Setting and Other Stone Setting Techniques

16 Nov 2012

There's so much info packed in our updated free stone-setting eBook, 8 Ways to Set Stones: Bezel Setting and Other Stone Setting Techniques, I don't know how they found room to update it! You'll learn expert stone-setting tips and tricks from jewelry artists, get step-by-step tutorials for setting cabochons and faceted stones in open- and solid-backed bezels (even diamonds!), learn about various kinds of settings (bezels, prongs, tubes, etc.), and see the tools you'll need to set your own stones. And it's all free to Jewelry Making Daily members!

Here's a detailed look at what you'll get in your free eBook, 8 Ways to Set Stones with Jewelry Making Daily: Bezel Setting and Other Stone Setting Techniques:


Simply Beautiful Bezels by Tom & Kay Benham

If you've ever read Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist magazine, you know what experienced experts Tom and Kay are. Who better to learn bezel making from? They share how to create simple gold bezels to support their unique opal and lapis intarsia stones for lovely earrings. "When it came to creating a setting for our minimal opal and lapis intarsia, we decided that the setting shouldn't detract from the spectacular reds, blues, and greens of our opal center," Tom shared. "We came to the realization that a simple bezel of 14K gold would make the perfect frame. While we chose to work in gold, our instructions work just as well for working with silver." Tom and Kay show you how to do every step of basic bezel setting, from preparing the bezel wire to soldering, shaping the wire on a bezel mandrel, assembling the back plate, placing the stone in the bezel, and polishing.

Bezels from Miniature Stakes by Bill Fretz

The master of hammers and stakes shares how to make all kinds of bezels (an open-backed bezel for a carved cameo, a solid-backed bezel for an opal doublet, and an open-backed bezel for a faceted gem) using miniature stakes to achieve perfectly shaped bezels, every time. By the time you've completed these bezel-making exercises following Bill's three tutorials, you'll be a bezel-making genius!

Beyond Bezels: Tube, Gypsy, Crown, and Bead Setting Basics Plus Basic Setting Tools by Helen Driggs

Next you'll learn all about various kinds of settings--tube, gypsy, crown, and bead--and the tools needed to create them. Diagrams help you understand what each setting looks like from various views so you will know them inside and out, literally--and learn how to create them.

Cabochon Pin with 3 Settings: Bezel, Prong, and Tube by Noël Yovovich

This lovely pin project highlights the colorful druze (drusy) cabochon and a faceted gem in one stunning piece of jewelry using three different kinds of stone settings: bezel, prong, and tube. Noël teaches lessons in design along with her project, as you'll learn how to highlight an irregular cab and to bring out its unique features using texture, shape, color, and repetition of its unique elements as design features. This is a great advanced stone-setting project with limitless possibilities.

Free-Flowing Argentium and Gold Wedding Band with Tube Set Diamonds by Sam Patania

This truly one-of-a-kind wedding ring incorporates heirloom diamonds in a modern, free-flowing design. It's a great way to incorporate multiple gems in one piece and a good lesson in tube setting.

Settings are important to your jewelry not only because they enhance your designs but they also protect the stones. It's nearly impossible to feature gems in your jewelry designs without knowing some stone-setting techniques, so this stone-setting eBook is a must-have reference--whether you're an experienced jeweler or just starting to experiment with adding gems to your jewelry creations. Once you've mastered the basic stone-setting techniques shown in 8 Ways to Set Stones with Jewelry Making Daily: Bezel Setting and Other Stone Setting Techniques, you'll be free to create with your hands any piece of jewelry that your mind can design.

I know you've got gorgeous faceted stones and cabs sitting around your studio waiting to be made into gemstone jewelry, so download your free stone-setting eBook, 8 Ways to Set Stones with Jewelry Making Daily: Bezel Setting and Other Stone Setting Techniques, and start fabricating your own gem settings! Be sure to share the link with your friends who might want to try stone setting as well.

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pgray58 wrote
on 17 Nov 2012 6:48 AM

If he ever gets around to asking, that ring is the one I want! Beautiful!

mirkaba wrote
on 17 Nov 2012 11:40 AM

Thanks Tammy, Tom and Kay! I downloaded the Ebook. read it over and pulled out a couple bezel settings that I have made and stones which I cut to go in them. Time to Cowboy up and set some stones:)

TammyJones wrote
on 19 Nov 2012 3:07 PM

Can't wait to see, mirkaba!