4 Free Metal Clay Jewelry-Making Projects, Plus Make Metal Clay Tools from Household Items

24 Aug 2012

Our free metal clay eBook has had a little makeover! Now instead of just three free metal-clay jewelry-making projects, you'll get four--from expert metal clay artisans Hadar Jacobson, Noël Yovovich, Paula Bastian-de Leon, and Lis-el Crowley. Plus, Hadar Jacobson provides a list of regular household items and other tools that you can modify for use as metal clay tools.

In our free metal clay eBook, 4 Free Metal Clay Jewelry Making Projects: Make Jewelry with Precious Metal Clay, Art Clay, and Other Metal Clays, you'll learn:

  • to mix different metal clays with different firing schedules and shrinkage rates
  • to combine metal clay with wire wrapping
  • to make metal clay earrings, pins, and rings
  • to use silver, copper, bronze, and steel metal clays
  • the metal clay supplies needed as well as common items that can double as metal clay tools


Here's a glimpse into the projects you'll get when you download your free metal clay jewelry-making eBook:

Sweetheart Gem Pendant by Lis-el Crowley

Learn to bezel-set a sparkling cubic zirconia in a pendant you can make with a single coil of silver metal clay--bail and all! Setting a gemstone in metal clay is one of the most challenging aspects of working with this material, because so many natural gems can't withstand the heat of firing. Lis-el shares a great way to work around that obstacle and create stunning results.

Married Metal Clay Ring by Noël Yovovich

Noël uses copper metal clay and silver metal clay to create a ring with a marriage-of-metals look. While making this project you'll learn about the shrinkage rates and firing needs of different types of metal clay and how to combine them successfully in one piece of mixed-metal clay jewelry.

Mixed Metal Clay Earrings by Hadar Jacobson

Hadar's simple and modern mixed metal clay earring design pairs steel clay earrings with a contrasting bright spot of inlaid bronze. This project shows yet another way to combine two metal clays with different characteristics and needs--and it's oh so simple!

Wire-Wrapped Metal Clay Bouquet by Paula Bastian-de Leon

Learn to combine a bunch of metal clay flowers (made by quilling, an ancient paper technique) with wire wrapping to make a pretty metal bouquet. This project is a great way to feature the versatility of metal clay while stretching the value of your materials with inexpensive wire.

Modified Metal Clay Jewelry-Making Tools 

What do wax coatings from cheese, apple corers, turkey lacers, and drinking straws have in common? They're among the dozen household items and other tools that you can put to work in your metal clay jewelry-making tasks.

"When I converted to PMC after years of practicing traditional metal fabrication, I was left with a lot of tools that I didn't know what to do with," Hadar writes. "Being crazy for tools, especially small, low-tech ones, I wouldn't give any of them away. Over the years I have found a use for some of them with metal clay, while others are still waiting for their calling. Anybody got an idea what a drawplate can be used for in PMC?

"I routinely use regular jewelry-making tools: saws for sawing tubes, files for carving and enlarging differently shaped holes, sponge sanding pads to smooth out surfaces, a hand drill and drill bits to start holes, and diamond bits to carve lines and grind off dried clay," Hadar writes. "However, not all of the tools I use were originally designed for jewelry making." Hadar shares a dozen metal clay tools--most of which you wouldn't expect to use in jewelry making--and explains how to use them to work metal clay to suit you. Bonus: Some of them are free or recycled!

Even if you've downloaded our free metal clay eBook before, you'll want to grab a fresh updated copy of 4 Free Metal Clay Jewelry Making Projects: Make Jewelry with Precious Metal Clay, Art Clay, and Other Metal Clays so you'll have the fourth free metal clay gem-setting project as well as Hadar's article on enlisting a dozen regular household items and other tools as metal clay tools. You'll learn to make the four metal clay jewelry projects with step-by-step instructions and how-to photos from four experts; then you can use what you've learned to make your own unique metal clay jewelry projects.

Don't miss out on this free eBook about my favorite jewelry-making medium, magical metal clay!

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