Learn How to Make Wire Jewelry: Designs for Making Wire Jewelry with 6 Wire Jewelry Making Techniques

23 Mar 2012

I've gained a new passion and respect for wire jewelry in the past two years, and it's largely due to discovering how versatile wire and wire jewelry making is. In fact, I'd go so far as to say there's almost no jewelry to be made without the use of at least some kind of wire.

Let's test that theory. Of course there's chain maille jewelry, made up of jump rings which are made of wire. There's beadwork and strung jewelry, but unless it's strung on elastic cord, you'll need a clasp or closure (which is easily made with heavy-gauge wire), and you're probably attaching those with jump rings--wire again. No closures in rings, true, but the shanks are most likely heavy-gauge wire--possibly flat or half-round wire, but wire nonetheless. Metal jewelry--bracelets, pendants, necklaces--almost all require jump rings and/or some form of wire for their bails, closures, or clasps, if they're not wire-wrapped jewelry, which of course is almost entirely composed of wire. If your jewelry has a dangle, it likely has a wire head pin or an eye pin, and you can't have earrings without ear wires.

Dale "Cougar" Armstrong's
Wire-Wrapped Malachite
Wire in some form and some gauge is everywhere in jewelry making, and whether your jewelry simply has a few wire components for functionality or is made up almost entirely of wire, a successful jewelry maker needs wire jewelry skill s and wirework techniques in his/her jewelry-making repertoire. Our free eBook, Learn How to Make Wire Jewelry: Designs for Making Wire Jewelry with 6 Wire Jewelry-Making Techniques, is the perfect place to learn.

In the free eBook, you'll learn to make six specific wire jewelry designs by favorite wire artists while also learning basic wirework techniques that you can then adapt to create your own jewelry designs. You'll discover how to combine wire with other elements, such as gemstones, without the use of soldering, plus how to create special wire jewelry components like bezels, bails, jump rings, and more. You'll learn to transform simple wire into metal jewelry elements by hammering or wrapping it, creating decorative wire coils and spirals, chain links, wrapped loops, wire-wrapped bezels, and more.

Cindy Wimmer's Concerto Necklace
With the free downloadable tutorial, Learn How to Make Wire Jewelry: Designs for Making Wire Jewelry with 6 Wire Jewelry-Making Techniques, you'll master wire jewelry-making techniques in minutes and be wearing your new wire jewelry creations in no time. Here's an overview of the six great wire jewelry projects from the eBook--two bracelets, two pendants, and two necklaces.

The Concerto Necklace by Cindy Wimmer is a perfect wire jewelry design for featuring artistic ceramic, glass, or clay beads with wire coils and spirals, which serve as wire connectors to turn the colorful elements into a cohesive necklace (or bracelet) design.

Sonja Kiser's Beading
Heart Pendant
Sonja Kiser's Beading Heart Pendant is a classic wire-wrapped pendant that allows you to incorporate beading with wire jewelry.

Pepper Mentz's Swirls & Whirls Bracelet
The fun Swirls and Whirls bracelet by Pepper Mentz is a good example of the sleek, artistic nature of simple wire jewelry designs. It's almost impossible to make these hammered links wrong, and surely no two will ever be alike--ensuring a truly one-of-a-kind wire bracelet.

Joyce Tromp's Floating Crystal Cube Necklace features an open chain maille weave known as captive inverted round. The technique creates an open net effect, so you can fill it with just about anything that will fit inside it and not fall through the jump rings--and you can use just about any size jump rings you like. This versatile and exciting wire jewelry design offers a lot of opportunity for personalization.

Carol Dean Naukam's wire-wrapped bangles
The Timeless Turquoise and Elegant Onyx wire-wrapped bangle bracelets by Carol Dean Naukam allow you to play with two-tone wire (if you like) and rectangular beads of your choice to create stacks and stacks of bangle bracelets in any color scheme you want.

Joyce Tromp's Floating
Crystal Cube Necklace
Finally, the Wire Wrapped Malachite Pendant by Dale "Cougar" Armstrong offers you a chance to learn the joys of square wire. I was shocked at how much easier square wire seems to be to work with (for me, at least) than regular round wire. Either way, this pendant will turn your favorite stone or cabochon into a wire-wrapped work of functional art that you can wear as a pendant . . . or possibly a brooch?

What are you waiting for? Grab your pliers and wire cutters, because you're just minutes away from creating the stylish jewelry designs in Learn How to Make Wire Jewelry: Designs for Making Wire Jewelry with 6 Wire Jewelry-Making Techniques.

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