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design a jewelry collection by repeating one shape in different sizes and metals

5 Metalsmithing Tips Plus a Year’s Worth of Expert Advice and Jewelry-Making Tutorials & Inspiration

It’s impossible to look through an issue of Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist magazine without learning something, being inspired by something, and falling in love with something–and usually more than once! My issues of LJJA are dog-eared, sticky-note ruffled resources that never disappoint when I’m looking for a challenge or just something fun and interesting to…

Net Profits: Common Jewelry Photography Mistakes

By Cathleen McCarthy As you’ve probably discovered, jewelry is not easy to photograph. Chains and pendants are difficult to position, and you’re often trying to capture detail in a couple square inches. If the jewelry has color, you need to avoid distortion. Opaque cabochons require one kind of lighting, faceted another, textured metal a third……


Coloring on Metal: Learn Easy Techniques for Creating Patinas on Metal

I love patina on metal jewelry (also sometimes referred to as “bloom”). When you look up “patina” in the dictionary, it refers to “something grown beautiful, especially with age or use,” and you’ll see synonyms like atmosphere, enticing, mystique, romance, spirit, and ambience. Wouldn’t it be great if someone described your jewelry that way? Creating…