Fun Wire, Fun Jewelry: Make Wire Lace Flowers Using the FunJig + A Giveaway

Ever since I got back from Tucson a few months ago, I've been looking forward to making wired lacy flowers using WireLace and my new FunJig from AlaCarte Clasps. The instructions are clear and easy, plus I had a wonderful demo in Tucson from the FunJig's creator, Linda Hartung.

FunJig kit and WireLace flowers

If you aren't familiar with WireLace, you can get a pretty good idea of what it is by its name. It's enamel-coated fine wire mesh that's available in 31 colors and four widths. The three larger sizes are tubular and you can expand them by pulling them apart to create unique effects and ruffles. It's waterproof and heat-resistant, making it a beautiful addition to wire, metal, metal and polymer clay, glass, enamel, mixed-media, and other jewelry. You can even bake it in and with polymer clay. Thin/narrow strands of it secured together make a gorgeous necklace, and I like to pull apart and ruffle the wider strands into interesting necklace and bracelet additions. I've even made fairy wings using short pieces of wide WireLace and resin.

WireLace FunJig spider mum flowers

Back to the FunJig . . . Linda created the FunJig to be a versatile, easy and, well, fun way to make WireLace flowers. It basically consists of multiple pins and a base with patterned holes for the pins–much like other wire jigs–but the FunJig has sweet upgrades like long pins that stay in (even when the base is upside down), extra pins, easy-to-use pins that require no tools, and more. Plus, the FunJig comes with free WireLace-specific instructions including the careful technique that Linda developed to help FunJig users make flowers in a variety of sizes and styles, just by moving the pins to different holes in the base and wrapping the pins with WireLace. You can use multiple colors and/or widths of WireLace to build your flower and then embellish them with beads, crystals, buttons, clay, or whatever your heart desires. You thread the WireLace over craft wire before you begin with the FunJig, so the resulting flower is pretty sturdy and the petals can be bent and arranged to suit you.

FunJig flower-making base and pins

In addition to making gorgeous brooches, pendants, and cuff bracelet accents, the WireLace flowers would be great accents on headbands, purse, ballet flats or sandals, gift boxes, lampshades, and just about anywhere else a flower would look lovely. And just imagine a decadent necklace made entirely out of WireLace FunJig flowers attached with ribbon or jump rings, perhaps all silver or white flowers for a bride or multicolor flowers for a festive look all spring and summer. What a stunning sight that would be! I better get started making more WireLace flowers.

WireLace FunJig flowers

For more fun and inventive ways to use wire in jewelry making, subscribe to Step-by-Step Wire Jewelry magazine. Packed with project ideas and tutorials from the industry's best wire jewelry-making designers and experts, it will provide you with a steady stream of great wire jewelry joy!

  Nunn Design collection giveaway

The giveaway has ended, thanks for participating!

P.S. Speaking of great products, wouldn't you love to win this stylish collection of new products from our friends at Nunn Design? Just leave a comment below to be entered to win this gorgeous prize, valued at $75! You can make one of these WireLace flowers and then use epoxy clay to attach it to a Nunn Design ring bezel, brooch bezel, or screw-back bezel for attaching on a belt, headband, cuff bracelet, or…

(Enter before midnight ET on Sunday, June 2, 2014. One comment per person, please. Duplicate entries will be deleted.)




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168 thoughts on “Fun Wire, Fun Jewelry: Make Wire Lace Flowers Using the FunJig + A Giveaway

  1. I really look forward to your email updates. I love seeing the innovative ideas and products that you feature. Please enter me to win the goodies from Nunn Designs. In the meantime, I am going to order at FunJig. These flowers are just gorgeous!

  2. I have enjoyed your posts regarding your Tucson trip. It would certainly be fun to see all these great new products first hand. Keep up the great work!

  3. Nunn Design has such beautiful products. I’d love to be able to use these in my next few projects. I’m always looking for something new to try.

  4. Those flowers look beautiful! The jig looks like a lot of fun to play with! As well as the components from Nunn designs! Would love to win that! Thanks for the chance!

  5. I am fascinated with this product. Hope to add it to my stash of tools! The idea of making the flowers and using them on a bracelet or earrings is wonderful. Please consider me an entrant in the giveaway. Thank you for doing this! Brown

  6. Love the wire lace, would really like to give it a go. Can you tell me where you buy it,
    I live in Australia so I don’t get to go to those great shows you have in America.
    Love your blog by the way.
    Regards Deb.

  7. I’m kinda new to wire im now home full time due to a stroke and this will be awsome rehab!!!!
    Maybe can sell some pieces if I get as good as you guys for extra money to buy more Nunns designs ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I have been getting Step by Step Wire Jewelry, for several months and its a joy to see so many projects that are illustrated and explained so well that even I can handle some of them. I had a difficult decision to make, wire jewelry or beading, I can only handle learning one at a time, Guess which one I chose, wire of course. After seeing the magazine, having time to study the designs and realizing it was possible for me, I chose wire and promised myself I would give IT all to beading in the near future. Get the free issue, and see what I saw the first time I opened Step by Step Wire Jewelry, Enjoy.

  9. I love hearing about these wonderful new products – I live vicariously through your trips to the big shows! I would love to play around with these flowers!

  10. The FunJig looks so easy to do! I love the designs that can be made. This gives me some new ideas on what I can make. I would love to win this prize!

  11. I love your design but have a suggestion, how about a reasonably priced beginner kit to give newbies a chance to try it out. I am on a very limited budget and only have x amount to spend on my hobbies. I would be willing to save up to purchase a reasonably priced try it kit. After a trial, who knows, I might be a genius at it and spend my discretionary income to get more and more material.

    Just a thought

  12. I love your design but have a suggestion, how about a reasonably priced beginner kit to give newbies a chance to try it out. I am on a very limited budget and only have x amount to spend on my hobbies. I would be willing to save up to purchase a reasonably priced try it kit. After a trial, who knows, I might be a genius at it and spend my discretionary income to get more and more material.

    Just a thought

  13. This looks so fun! I would lovr to try this out. Love your site. It is so informative. I’d be forever grateful if i won. Best of luck to all who enter.

  14. I would love to try some of your ideas with th wireLace. Looks like fun! So does the wonderful gifts from Nunn Designs. Please consider me entered.

  15. I saw some jewelry made with wire lace a few years ago and wondered how it was made. So glad someone came up with a simple method for novices to learn this beautiful technique. I’ve been beading for several years but just started to work with wire and these towers are so pretty.

  16. Nunn Design has some really fun products. This kit looks amazing and I really enjoy reading the emails that you send. New products and design ideas…So much fun so little time…

  17. This is so exciting. My mom made beaded flowers back around 1920 and I am so anxious to find out more about doing these flowers. My mom grew up in a very small town in Illinois and had no TV or radio. Her mother always entertained the two sisters by making things,. I would love to win the packet that you are offering. I love beading and always look for something new to try. Thanks for all your information that you share.

  18. Much as I love flowers, I can imagine many other creations that could be made by manipulating wire lace, crystals, and other beads on a jig. Swirls that dance and invoke a graceful passion of form and movement. Exquisite!

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  21. I would love to be able to experiment with it the wire lace flowers. These flowers sure would dress up a lot of dull things. Thank you for the giveaway.

  22. Tammy- I love your beading/jewelry newsletters. They are the ones I always open and check out. =)
    I would LOVE to play with some NUNN design items. They are pretty fabulous.

  23. What great fun and an amazing giveaway, thanks!! With 5 granddaughters the jig and wire lace will get tons of use, so please enter me in the Nunn Design giveaway. It would be such an exciting way to celebrate my upcoming 50th birthday.

  24. Wirelace looks awesome! I’d love to try my hand with it. I only dabble in jewelry making, having little time and many crafting interests. Put my name in the drawing, please. What kind of jewelry would anyone make with plastic bags or ‘plarn’?

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  28. Thanks for sharing. It looks a lot of fun.
    Never use Nunn Design but heard about it for a long time.
    Would love to win and try.

    Coral from abcoraldesign

  29. I like reading your newsletter and learning from you; thank you. The lace flowers are pretty cool and a nice idea. I would like the funjig to add to the fun I have making jewelry.

  30. i am practically jumping through the screen to see the Fun Jig flowers. this set from Nunn would be a perfect compliment to this skill. my birthday is on June 3rd and this would be a wonderful gift to

    Nunn always gives away the coolest stuff. thanks for once again having this giveaway. you are marketing geniuses!!!! Good luck to all that enter.

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  32. This sounds like fun, but I haven’t seen it in my area. Where can you get it? Is there a website or specific craft store that would likely carry it?

  33. This sounds like fun, but I haven’t seen it in my area. Where can you get it? Is there a website or specific craft store that would likely carry it?

  34. Tammy I love to read your blogs and get your email updates! You always inspire me to ‘think outside of my box’
    This giveaway from Nunn Design is fantastic! I can already see so many possibilities and can’t wait to try the WireLace flowers – one would look pretty amazing on that brooch bezel…

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  45. Congratulations to Gypsy1960! You’re the winner of this Nunn Design collection. Check your email for one from me!

    Thanks to everyone for participating and for being part of JMD!