Free DIY Copper, Brass & Aluminum Jewelry Tutorials

At least one good thing has come of the high prices of gold and silver: metals like brass, copper, and bronze are getting some attention, and you’ll get four free alternative metal jewelry-making project tutorials in our newest free jewelry tutorial.

Alternative or “base metals” have been making their way into the world of jewelry for several years now. The popularity of brass jewelry has surely been helped by it being such a good alternative to gold jewelry. Brass is a favorite of mine, along with copper, because they are ideal for torch enameling. The patinas I can achieve on copper sheet with just a torch flame or a few household items like salt and vinegar have made me a fan of the medium, plus copper takes texture like a dream. Stainless steel jewelry can resemble silver jewelry at a fraction of the cost and doesn’t pose the same allergy issues that some other white metals can, but stainless steel isn’t as easy to work with as brass, bronze, and copper.


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This eBook brings out the Lapidary Journal experts like no other eBook has, with alternative metal jewelry tutorials from Lexi Erickson, Bill Fretz, Helen Driggs, and Tom & Kay Benham.


How to Solder Copper

Soldering the Copper Metals By Lexi Erickson

Did you know it’s safe to put copper and silver jewelry in the same pickle pot together? Learn the dos and don’ts of soldering copper jewelry and other alternative metal jewelry in an in-depth, illustrated tutorial from Lexi Erickson.


How to Chase Copper

Copper Chased Pendant By Tom & Kay Benham

Chasing and repoussé are ancient jewelry-making techniques that continue to create beautiful modern jewelry. It’s ideal for use in copper jewelry making because of copper’s softness, and this tutorial from Tom & Kay Benham is a great introduction to the fun technique.


How to Make a Brass Bracelet

Torus Top Cuff By Bill Fretz

This gorgeous brass bracelet has a secret–the eye-catching circle design on the top doubles as the clasp. Learn to form curvy shapes from flat metal sheet in this tutorial by the king of hammers and stakes, Bill Fretz.


How to Make a Copper and Aluminum Necklace

Sawn Aluminum and Copper Necklace By Helen I. Driggs

Imagine the pretty little tinkling sound this copper and aluminum necklace must make, thanks to the movement it has through wire cold connections. This low-cost, no-torch alternative metals jewelry project by Helen Driggs is ideal for beginners who want some practice with a jeweler’s saw.

This is the fundamental guide to making copper, brass and aluminum jewelry.

Whether you’re already a fan of the medium or need a little convincing, you’ll enjoy all the projects in our new alternative metals jewelry-making guide.

Get tips for stainless steel jewelry, and jewelry from other alternative metals