Exclusive How to Make Wire Jewelry Patterns

Wire jewelry making is a great way to make stunning jewelry designs using simple techniques for combining wire and other elements without soldering. Wire-wrapped jewelry is a favorite among today’s jewelry makers because you only need a few basic wire-wrapping tools, your wire, and any gemstones or beads you want to include. Download these 6 free projects to learn how to make wire jewelry and explore various versatile techniques. This free eBook comes with complete step-by-step wire jewelry instructions as well as material and tool lists. Once you try these great wire jewelry patterns, you’ll be hooked. Grab your pliers, cutters, hammers, and bench blocks now – you’re just minutes away from creating one-of-a-kind pieces.
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Exclusive how to make wire jewelry patterns.
Exclusive how to make wire jewelry patterns.

Free wire jewelry patterns exclusively compiled for you!

Discover 6 free wire jewelry patterns using different wire-wrapping techniques in this free eBook. Expand your repertoire when working with wire, learn to create hammered designs, use coils and spirals, jump rings, wire wrap, and see how new techniques like wire wrapping can create intricate wire designs to showcase your favorite stones. Experiment with these techniques and enjoy the way they start transforming your wire designs. Wire jewelry making with these creative jewelry making ideas will satisfy your creative spirit, and you’ll be able to wear your new pieces in no time!

How to make a wire-wrapped necklace in this free ebook from Jewelry Making Daily.

How to Make a Wire Wrapped Necklace

Concerto Necklace by Cindy Wimmer
This is a great project to use those ceramic, lampwork, or clay beads you’ve been saving. This necklace design incorporates both coils and spirals, two classic wire working techniques. The coils and spirals are used as hooks to link the elements into a beautiful and sophisticated necklace. The beads of your choice are attached using a wire loop on the ends of each wire. The final piece can be oxidized if you desire.

How to make a wire-wrapped pendant in this free ebook from Jewelry Making Daily.

How to Make a Wire Wrapped Pendant

Beading Heart Pendant by Sonja Kiser
Make this heart-shaped classic wire wrap into your own pendant, following these fun wire-wrapping jewelry instructions. Explore the creative possibilities by changing the bead colors or styles to match an outfit, or to celebrate a special occasion and add your own personal style to the wire design. Grab your wire wrapping tools and have fun!

How to make a wire bracelet in this free ebook from Jewelry Making Daily.

How to Make a Wire Bracelet

Swirls and Whirls by Pepper Mentz
Create this hammered link, wire wrap bracelet using heavy gauge silver. Get inspired, variations are limited only by your imagination. This piece could easily be embellished with glass beads. You may also decide that you like the look of the wire design without the pounded effect. Here’s a springboard for creativity.

How to make a chainmaille necklace in this free ebook from Jewelry Making Daily.

How to Make a Chainmaille Necklace

Floating Crystal Cube Necklace by Joyce Tromp
This chain maille weave is called captive inverted round, and is often seen with rings in the center instead of beads. Since it is basically a circular netting, you can put just about anything that will fit inside, depending on the size and gauge of the rings. Crystal cubes work well, because the corners of the cube inside the circular shape of the chain hold them in place, creating a "floating" bead.

How to make a DIY wire bracelet in this free ebook from Jewelry Making Daily.

DIY Wire Bracelet

Timeless Turquoise and Elegant Onyx by Carol Dean Naukam
This versatile bracelet, called Timeless Turquoise, incorporates sterling, copper, and rectangular turquoise beads. The beads are outlined in 18g silver and accented with intricately woven 24g copper. Sophisticated wire wrapping creates the durable clasp as an integral part of the design. Vary the wire gauge and bead selection to transform this bracelet from subtle feminine elegance to classic masculine style. This project combines intermediate to advanced wire wrapping jewelry techniques.

How to make a DIY wire pendant in this free ebook from Jewelry Making Daily.

DIY Wire Pendant

Wire Wrapped Malachite Pendant by Dale "Cougar" Armstrong
This wire-wrapped jewelry pattern uses a classic technique that was designed with square Argentium Silver.The beautiful shades of green that swirl, bend, blossom, and bulls-eye in malachite almost demand to be set in sterling silver. Because malachite is a copper mineral that can scratch easily and can be difficult to polish, Dale planned to carefully polish by hand and then highlight its natural beauty using Argentium silver wire wrapping.

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