Silversmithing Techniques from Jewelry Making Daily: 3 Free Silver Jewelry Making Projects + Bonus Silver Findings Project

Improve your skills as a jewelry-making silversmith while you create an outstanding silver pendant, ring, pin, and a bonus sterling silver findings project, an S-hook clasp. In this updated Jewelry Making Daily free eBook, you learn how to make silver jewelry projects packed with valuable information to help guide you further into the art of silversmithing. Whether you make silver jewelry for yourself or friends, or create custom silver findings to sell, you’ll find a valuable reference and source of inspiration. With silver sheet, silver jewelry findings, silversmithing tools, and basic silver jewelry supplies, you’ll be sure to hone your silversmithing skills as you re-create outstanding handmade pieces. You can also use the techniques you learn from the projects in this terrific free eBook as a springboard to develop a unique design of your own.

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Silversmith experts have put together the perfect eBook for all those silversmithing fanatics out there or for new metalworkers who want to learn how to make sterling silver jewelry. You'll learn to create handmade silver jewelry with projects for a hammered sterling silver frame that will set off any cabochon with distinction, a sterling silver ring using basic silversmithing techniques, a setting for an unusual finding in sterling silver, and a bonus project for making sterling silver jewelry findings using basic silversmithing tools and supplies.

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How to Silversmith Jewelry
"Kentucky Agate Pendant" by John Leeds

Create an outstanding silver pendant in this free project. You can create this pendant from rough stone to finished jewelry, or you can start with a finished cabochon and do the metalwork yourself. John used very few silversmithing tools for this project: two hammers, a few pairs of pliers, a rubber wheel, and sandpaper. He also used a laser welder to tack everything in place, but everything can be soldered if working without a welder.


Silversmithing Techniques
"Bamboo Silver Ring" by Elizabeth Ann Tokoly

Next, try a project that is elegant and uses simple silversmithing techniques. This classic, elegant ring uses simple techniques—forming, soldering, filing—but demands a degree of proficiency and attention that can challenge the beginner or advanced beginner. After the ring is formed and soldered, the bamboo texture is slowly revealed through scoring and filing. The design echoes the vintage styles of several well-known jewelry houses. With one ring made, you can create more in other metals, make several to hone your skills, or have the original cast in multiples: this design works well for stack rings. Once mastered, the bamboo effect may also be used for bracelets, earrings, or other silver jewelry designs.


How to Make Silver Jewelry
"Pottery Shard Brooch" by Julie Jerman-Melka

Julie enjoys the challenge of working with found objects and incorporating them into a wearable piece of silver jewelry. If you’re like her, you probably have fond memories of enjoying a special dinner with family or friends, using the “good” china, or maybe enjoying a cup of afternoon tea from vintage tea cups. Inevitably, a piece of china or one of the prized teacups accidentally breaks, and it’s painful to just throw the shards into the trash. In this simple project, Julie shows you how to recycle the broken shards and make a simple brooch, perhaps reminding you of one of those special times with friends and family. Instead of using a commercial finding for this piece, she decided to make her own pin mechanism. It’s easy to execute and gives the piece a simple, handcrafted elegance with an extra personal touch.


Make Jewelry with Silver Findings
"Clasp-tastic!" by Martha Aleo

Don't ruin a work of jewelry art by putting a run-of-the-mill store-bought clasp on your handmade bracelets and necklaces, make your own! With Martha's sterling silver findings tutorials, you'll learn to make an S clasp as well as a hook-and-eye clasp to finish off your sterling silver jewelry with true craftsmanship. Plus, you'll never be left without a clasp to finish a piece if you have some basic silversmithing tools and supplies, because you can make your own! Make them just as shown or modify the design and size to suit your own handmade sterling silver jewelry masterpieces.

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Now is your chance to download this free eBook and get started making silver jewelry. Learn three new silversmithing techniques that will help you develop your silversmith skills--plus two bonus handmade sterling silver findings to make your creations truly and completely handmade. Making silver jewelry can have such rewarding results. Grab your silversmith tools and silver jewelry-making supplies and start creating unique custom pieces today! Download this free eBook and discover silversmithing techniques that will take your skills to the next level. !

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