4 Free Metal Clay Jewelry Projects

Now you can make your own real metal jewelry using silver, copper, bronze, or steel (even gold) without sawing metal sheet or soldering pieces together. Making jewelry with metal clay combines the accessibility of clay with the look, feel, and value of precious metals and non-precious metals alike.
In this fabulous tutorial, you will find four metal clay jewelry-making projects that demonstrate how to combine different metal clays, how to work with metal clay and wire wrapping, how to make earrings, pins, and rings, and how to use silver, copper, bronze, and steel metal clays. Learn the essential metal clay supplies needed as well as common household items that can easily double as your tools. You can make these projects just as shown, or apply what you learn from the illustrated step-by-step instructions to create stunning designs of your own.
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Learn how to make metal clay jewelry with this free jewelry tutorial.
Learn how to make metal clay jewelry with this free jewelry tutorial.

Learn how to make metal clay jewelry with this free jewelry tutorial!

Each precious metal clay project is presented with detailed illustrations, how-to instructions, and a list of necessary supplies. You will be able to follow step-by-step descriptions to create precious and non-precious pieces. But you can also simply use the designers’ ideas to incorporate metal clay techniques into your own projects.

How to make drop earrings with precious metal clay.

How to Make Drop Earrings with Precious Metal Clay

Mixed Metal Clay Earrings by Hadar Jacobson
These simple and fun mixed metal clay earrings are a great place to start. After firing, steel clay is significantly lighter than silver clay, copper clay or bronze clay. This allows you to make thick, solid earrings without worrying about the weight. These modern and stylish earrings are sure to please. Experiment with your own non-precious and precious metal clay techniques to create your own custom designs. Pick up your art clay supplies and get started today!

Learn how to make a metal clay pendant!

How to Make a Metal Clay Pendant

Sweetheart Gem Pendant by Lis-el Crowley
You can easily make this sweet little pendant with a few basic metal clay jewelry skills. First, you will create a bezel for the cubic zirconia using lump clay. This will be dried and refined. Then you will roll a long, thin, tapered coil you will form around the bezel-set CZ and join with water. After firing, polishing and patinating, you will have a lovely piece to wear or give as a gift. You’ll want to make several in different sizes and colors after you master the basic techniques.

Learn how to do quilling with clay to create beautiful texture designs in your jewelry.

How to do Quilling with Metal Clay

Wire Wrapped Metal Clay Bouquet by Paula Bastian-De Leon
Quilling is an ancient art form that creates design using narrow strips of paper that have been rolled, shaped, and arranged. It’s very much like filigree, only with paper in place of metal. Apply a combination of these techniques with modern paper manipulating tools to metal clay to create this floral brooch. We recommend practicing origami and quilling techniques with paper first. Using texture sheets on silver clay, bronze clay, and copper clay gives an opportunity to modify the project as well as add color to the flowers.


How to Make a Metal Clay Ring

Married Metal Clay Ring by Noël Yovovich
This silver clay jewelry piece includes a contrasting wavy design created with bronze clay. Combining copper and silver clays works very well, within limits. It is necessary to fire the copper clay first, then add silver metal clay and refire. The two clays do not fuse together, so they will simply separate after firing if not linked mechanically. This project gets around the special requirements of combining two metal clays with some sneaky engineering that won’t show in the final result. The copper parts that are visible at the surface are linked by additional thin coils that end up buried, unseen, within the silver clay. It is given extra structural strength by the use of a seamless fine silver ring liner, which also eliminates any uncertainty about the final size of the ring. Note: We recommend that you use one of two popular brands of silver metal clay, Precious Metal Clay (PMC) and Art Clay Silver (ACS).

Learn how to make precious metal clay jewelry by learning about metal clay tools.

The Essential Guide to Metal Clay Tools

Teach Your Old Tools New Tricks by Hadar Jacobson
Discover the clever ways you can put 12 common jewelry tools and household objects to use, too. Jacobson routinely uses regular jewelry-making tools for metal clay supplies: saws for sawing tubes, files for carving and enlarging differently shaped holes, sponge sanding pads to smooth out surfaces, a hand drill and drill bits to start holes, and diamond bits to carve lines and grind off dried clay. Here is a collection of short but sweet suggestions for repurposing your traditional jewelry tools for use with PMC metal clay.

This free tutorial on precious metal clay jewelry will take you to your fullest potential with clay jewelry.

By creating metal clay jewelry including DIY earrings, rings, necklaces and more, you’ll find yourself in love with the beautiful designs, textures and colors of metal clay. You’ll never go back to real metal jewelry again after you download this free jewelry tutorial on metal clay jewelry.