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How to Enamel Jewelry: Expert Enameling Tips, Tools, and Techniques

Enamel is one of the most versatile sources of pure, luscious color. Powdered glass can be applied with great precision onto a variety of jewelry metals, including silver, gold, and copper. There are a variety of techniques for enameling jewelry, and whether you prefer painting with a broad brush or adding elaborate details, this free eBook has something for you.

In "Enameling," techniques and tool maven Helen Driggs answers the question "What is enamel," shows what you need for your enameling tool kit, and explains some basic enameling rules of the road. Then Helen shares 21 tips from four of the most accomplished enamellist jewelers working today. And in "Enameled Filigree Beads," Pam East walks you through her simple technique of torch firing enamel onto a premade bead using a handheld torch. Whether you are ready to explore enameling for the first time or have been enameling jewelry for years, this free eBook is sure to teach you something new about this exciting and colorful technique! Download your free eBook to get started today!

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This enameling techniques example uses Cloisonné enamel
Cloisonné enamel pendant, hollow-formed, and fabricated

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Jewelry enamel, also known as vitreous enamel (from the Latin word for glass, vitrum), is made when powdered glass is fused to a substrate by firing. With enamel you can work in rich, saturated tones, or the subtlest of pastels. Create a world of sharp contrast in black and white or work with delicate variations with shades of gray. You can even mimic the colors of the finest gemstones or create a masterpiece that you'd never find among the trays of stones at any gem show. What makes enameling so versatile is the ability to switch from a broad brush to adding minute details, making each and every piece truly unique. In addition to showing you how to enamel, you will also discover helpful tips and techniques from experts. Download your free eBook to begin your own enameling adventure today!

Download How to Enamel Jewelry: Expert Enameling Tips, Tools, and Techniques, a free eBook from the experts at Jewelry Making Daily.

Create lustrous pieces of colorful glass on metal with these useful vitreous enamel techniques and learn how to enamel from the experts!

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Learn what is enamel, jewelry enamling techniques from expert Helen Driggs.

Learn what is enamel and basic enameling techniques to get started.

Article #1: What Is Enamel?
"Enameling" by Helen Driggs

This article will introduce you to vitreous enamel techniques, covering all the basics from setting up your enameling station to the proper enameling tools to keep close at hand. Helen also shares her secrets for getting the most reliable colors by making a test strip for every enamel you buy. This helps you determine the results for each enamel based on the specific enameling kiln, flux, and metal you will be using. Don't have access to an enameling kiln? Helen shares three important tips to remember when torch firing enamels (these will come in handy for the free project included in this enameling eBook!). Download your free eBook to get all of Helen's useful tips for getting started enameling jewelry!

Learn how to create enamel jewelry with 21 tips from the experts.

Article #2: Jewelry Enameling Techniques
"21 Enameling Tips" by Helen Driggs

Four expert enamelists, who have all devoted their careers to mastering the art of glass on metal, share their tips and provide guidance on how to enamel. Marianne Hunter shares eight tips including using thinner layers and how to break the rules in jewelry enameling. Amy Roper Lyons creates pendants using enamel on fine silver and cloisonne enamel techniques. Her five tips include cloisonne enamel and the most effective way to apply granules of gold or silver to the surface of your enamel jewelry. Karen L. Cohen shares her four secrets, from what to do when wet-packing, to how to solve color variation issues when firing transparent enamels on copper. Finally, Marjorie Simon shares her tips for using hairspray (yes, hairspray!) as an adhesive, plus three more enameling techniques. All 21 of these enameling techniques and tips will help you build the skills necessary to create beautiful works of enameled jewelry.

Create these enamel jewelry beads using vitreous enamel.

Enameled Jewelry Project
"Enameled Filigree Beads" by Pam East

This beginner/intermediate enameling project is perfect for anyone who is ready to create enameled jewelry. At a Bead Fest event, artist Pam East was challenged by another artist to enamel fine silver filigree beads that he was selling. She discovered that her quick, 6 step process was so easy, that in no time at all she had made a handful of these beads. Rather than using an enameling kiln, Pam shows you how to use a handheld butane torch, which makes this project accessible for jewelry artists of all skill levels. These beads don't even need to be annealed, and should be cool and ready to use in about five minutes. These beautiful enameled jewelry beads are perfect for earring and necklace designs and will be ready in no time at all. Follow Pam's easy steps and get her helpful tips to get started enameling jewelry and beads today!

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How to Enamel Jewelry: Expert Enameling Tips, Tools, and Techniques

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With informative tips and step by step instructions, this free eBook will help you develop and expand your jewelry enameling skills.

Now is your chance to learn about vitreous enamel for jewelry making, from basics to hard-learned professional secrets from some of the leading jewelers specializing in cloisonne enamel and other enameling techniques! The most important thing to do when enameling is to keep everything clean. Contamination is always a hazard, so go slowly and be careful as you work. While you are working, be sure to open one jar at a time and keep all items clearly labeled to help keep your work space organized. With a small investment in tools and supplies, you can will be well on your way to creating enameled jewelry! This free eBook will help beginners get started with the basics of how to enamel, and help experienced artists refine enameling skills. Download your copy to get started creating enamel jewelry today!

Learn the entire process of creating enameled jewelry with this free eBook.

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Get your free enameling techniques eBook to learn how to enamel jewelry today!

Download this free eBook to get started today!

Jewelry Making Daily presents: How to Enamel Jewelry: Expert Enameling Tips, Tools, and Techniques

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