Learn How to Make Glass Beads Like a Pro

Ignite the jewelry artist within by learning step-by-step how to make glass beads with bars of color, lampwork tools and your unique sense of design! You’ll then turn your glass bead making projects into personalized lampwork beads.
Discover how to make glass beads that mimic the juicy, plump look of your favorite fruit with Cindy Martin’s “Grapes of Glass.” Or make your jewelry come alive with the colors of spring, with a birdhouse lampworked bead, complete with vines and vibrantly colored accents. Have you ever wondered how to get designs inside a bead? Follow along with Lauri Copeland for a step-by-step demonstration on lampworking flower designs into beading.
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Learn how to make glass beads in this free, exclusive eBook on glass bead making from Jewelry Making Daily.
Learn how to make glass beads in this free, exclusive eBook on glass bead making from Jewelry Making Daily.

Learn glass bead making the simple way with expert tips and step-by-step instructions.

Now is your chance to learn how to make glass beads and get started making lampwork jewelry. With step by step flameworking instructions, this free eBook on how to make glass beads will help you develop and expand your lampworking skills.

Learn how to create lampworking glass beads with Cindy Martin in this free guide.

Make Your Own Flamework Beads with Cindy Martin

Capturing the essence and luster of your favorite fruit is easier than you think. Cindy created her signature grape design after being inspired by some of her close friends. There are endless possibilities with shape, color, and even variety of fruit with these lampwork beads. Begin the process of growing grapes from glass by pulling stringers, a technique which will become easier and easier with practice (and some expert advice). Then create the glass base for your bead and begin adding the color and design. Be mindful of your flamework and treat your unfinished bead with care, and you are sure to find lampworking success with Cindy’s jewelry making technique.

Learn how to make glass beads in this free glass bead making tutorial from Jewelry Making Daily.

How to Make a Glass Bead with Donna Johnson

What could make a cold, dreary day feel more like spring? A lampwork bead that comes alive with the colors and sights of the season! You start these lampwork glass beads by carefully pulling stringers, then move on to create the house, roof, and realistic details. Donna also shares her tips for flameworking, from the right combination of oxygen and control for stringers, to adding embellishments and other lampworking techniques. These can be worked into any shape you can imagine, just spread your wings and fly!

Lampworking: Glass Beads Project for beginners in free guide from Jewelry Making Daily.

Make Glass Flower Beads with Lauri Copeland

A medley of lampwork flowers can bring a little color to a dreary day. Lampwork glass beads continue to be one of the most admired and requested styles of glass beads from artist Lauri Copeland. Making glass beads with flowers within is as simple as encasing the lampwork beads in clear glass to give the flowers more depth. Create a bouquet of flowers to last a lifetime and learn how to make glass beads today when you download your free eBook!

Learn about lampwork beads tools and supplies in this glass bead making tutorial from Jewelry Making Daily.

Bonus: Lampwork Tools & Supplies

A Bead Maker’s Workshop by Michelle Waldren
There is a common belief in the world of beads and lampwork jewelry making that you can never have too many tools. However, for bead makers having the right tools is even more important, especially when it comes to making glass beads. Michelle admits she started with the wrong tools, but as she found herself creating more and more, she began to learn what fit her lampworking needs best. Her checklist includes a breakdown of what you will need to get started creating lampwork beads.

Every experienced beader and jewelry maker knows the art of how to make glass beads, so what are you waiting for?

The four expert lampwork bead makers featured in this eBook share their secrets for how to make glass beads with as little frustration, and as much success as possible. Each project includes detailed instructions to help beginners and experts alike create; including techniques for pulling stringers, controlling your flamework, properly creating embellishments on a glass bead, and more.