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The Jewelry Makers Video Guide to the Micro Torch:
Fuse Wire Links with a Butane Torch

Join Denise Peck, editor of Step by Step Wire Jewelry and senior editor of Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist, in a free video tutorial on how to use a butane micro torch. This simple technique will help take your jewelry to the next level, allowing you to add yet another personal touch to your designs. All you need for this straightforward technique is a 6 inch butane torch and butane fuel, fine silver wire, and a fireproof work station.

Whether you're new to torch work or not, this free video tutorial is sure to teach you something. If you are using a micro torch for the first time, you'll discover how convenient this small, portable torch is. If you've never used any kind of torch, you'll learn how to get started with a micro torch plus discover the basics of annealing and fusing – and then you'll learn the simple technique of how to fuse wire links, too. Access your free video tutorial, grab your wire and mini torch, and get started creating today!

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Learn the art of making jewelry links using a simple, yet effective, butane micro torch and this informative video.
Access your free video to learn how to fuse wire links today!

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Use a butane micro torch in this easy technique.

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Now that you have gathered all your tools and materials, you are ready to begin creating fused wire links. Denise explains the entire process of fusing wire links, from how to form the links to why you want to be sure to create a straight edge. She also shows you how to fill the butane torch using a canister of butane fuel. Most micro torches have a burn time of about 30 minutes, so if starts to take noticeably longer to heat, refill the torch. Place the first of your links on the solderite board and light your butane micro torch. Denise then demonstrates how to heat links properly, so each link fuses correctly. Her helpful tips will guide beginners through the process of learning how to use a handheld butane torch, and will introduce experts to the jewelry uses of this simple tool. Watch this free video tutorial on making jewelry components with micro torches and learn how to fuse wire links today!

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Create personalized links using a butane micro torch and fine silver wire! Get expert guidance and tips from renowned artist Denise Peck, all for FREE!

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Denise shows you how to set up your station and get your butane torch filled with butane fuel.

Learn how to anneal half hard wire with your mini torch.

Butane Micro Torch Tip #1
Getting Set Up and Annealing Wire

Once you have gathered your supplies and have your safety equipment ready, you can begin. To start, Denise demonstrates how to fill your torch with fuel, and explains the important reasons for using fine silver wire. If your wire is half hard, you will want to anneal it first to allow it to be workable. In this video, she demonstrates basic annealing techniques to prepare your wire for use. Using your torch and “heat” pliers (the ones you're willing to expose to a flame), start heating the wire. The key is to watch for it to dull to a fuzzy, gray look.

Learn how to correctly cut wire links for fusing.

Butane Micro Torch Tip #2
Coiling and Cutting the Wire Links

Next, Denise shows you how to coil the wire around a ring mandrel or object of your choice to create a coil of wire. Then cut the coil with flush cutters into rings. You want flush cuts on both sides so they will fuse easily. Even after using flush cutters, it is best to file the edges, because without edges that are perfectly straight the heated metal will not flow and the ends will separate. Just like you would do with a jump ring, move the wire back and forth until the edges spring against each other. Be sure your wire ring is flat before moving forward to more even heating of the entire piece.

Learn the proper technique to fuse wire links.

Butane Micro Torch Tip #3
How to Fuse Wire Links

The most important rule to remember when you fuse wire is to heat the entire piece, not just the join. Focusing on the join alone may result in just burning away the metal there. Instead, begin to fuse by slowly rotating the torch around the entire piece until it is very hot, then at the very end, focus the butane torch on the join to make the metal flow. Pick up the links using your "heat" pliers, quench in a bowl of water, then check to be sure the wire has fused.

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With informative tips and step by step instructions, this free video tutorial will help you develop skills so you can begin creating wire links using a butane micro torch from the very first day!

Butane torches are widely available online and in hardware stores, and start at just $10 and range up to about $100. Select your torch based on how intensely you expect to use it, and be sure there is a flame adjuster and sturdy base. You will also want to pick up a butane canister for filling the torch. In addition to the mini torch, you will want a fireproof work surface and a place to do your fusing. Most artists will also dedicate tools only for flame work, so they don't compromise the quality of good tools. Pick up your safety goggles and you are ready to learn how to fuse wire! This free video tutorial is perfect for beginners looking for an easy way to fuse links and will show experienced artists the value of gaining and refining fusing skills. Watch this free video to get started fusing wire links using a butane micro torch today!

Learn how to create fused wire links with a butane micro torch with this free video.

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Get your free micro torch techniques eBook to learn how to fuse wire links today!


Access this free video tutorial to get started today!

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